Saving the Porpoise (Vaquita)

“Saving the Porpoise (Vaquita)” (2018)

Director: Andrew Wegst

Country: Mexico/China

Run time: 50 minutes

Languages: Mandarin, Spanish (English, Mandarin subtitles)

Join acclaimed Chinese pianist Lang Lang in his quest to uncover the tragic yet hopeful story of the vaquita porpoise. This small marine and fluvial mammal threatened with extinction is the concern of marine conservationists across the world. As part of WildAid’s Celebrity Explores Series, “Saving the Porpoise” shows Lang’s commitment to conservation efforts by uncovering, communicating and acting on behalf of endangered species worldwide. Lang’s journey from Mexico to China shares the economic forces, the cultural ideas surrounding the porpoise, and the conservation efforts to protect and save the few that remain free in the water.

Thursday. April 11. 5:00 pm &  Saturday, April 13. 1:00-3:00 pm