Dong Lei

Nature documentary filmmaker

One of the most important nature filmmakers in China, Dong will screen “The Glories of the Minya Konga” (2018) at this year’s festival and talk on the challenges of working in natural settings. His astonishing film was shot at the eastern edge of the Tibetan Plateau and shows a year cycle of the wonders of nature, from snow peaks and melting glaciers to deciduous forest.


Xingyao Zheng

Photographer, filmmaker

Zheng’s work looks for traces of life in the ruins and relics of places in transformation. In her “The Long Goodbye,” she focuses on Shangqiu Ancient Town in China’s Central Plains, which has witnessed radical reconstruction.


Wang Wei

Corporate communications manager, Energy Foundation China

A filmmaker and former director and journalist with China Central Television, the state broadcaster, Wang joined the foundation in August 2016. And is directing and producing the film series 大型生态环保系列纪录片《塑造传奇 |  The Story of China Plastic Recycling Production. 2019.


Zhang Mengqi

Co-director the Memory Project

Mengqi was born in 1987. She graduated from the Dance Academy of China Minorities University in 2008. Since 2009, she has been a resident artist at CCD Workstation. She has created documentary films: Self-portrait with Three Women (2010), Self-Portrait: At 47 KM (2011), Self-portrait: Dancing at 47 KM (2012), Self-portrait: Dreaming at 47 km (2013), Self-portrait: Bridging at 47 KM (2014), Self-portrait: Dying at 47 KM (2015), Self-portrait: Born in 47 KM (2016), Self-portrait: Sphinx in 47 KM (2017) which complete her own “self-portrait series”


Wu Wenguang

Groundbreaking filmmaker; Founder, the Memory Project

Regarded internationally as a founder of Chinese independent documentary cinema, Wu’s film “Bumming in Beijing” (1990) broke the mold with his handheld camerawork and unscripted interviews.


Hu Tao

Member of the Memory Project

Hu graduated from the film and television photography in Xi’an Academy of Fine Arts, has completed films: Mountain (2013), Village Legend (2015), Dumb Men (2017).


 刘春兰 | Su Haiyan

With her film 流浪的塑料瓶 &让塑料瓶不再流浪 | “Wandering Plastic Bottles” & “Let plastic bottles no longer wander” (2018).


Liu Zhuang.


Liu Zhuang started his career as photographer and filmmaker during the undergrad. After graduation, he became a freelance photographer and filmed various independent non-fiction films. In 2016, he joined the 4K documentary “Deep in Shambhala” film crew as a photographer for CCTV. Between 2017 and 2018, he participated in China’s first IMAX documentary film “The River In Me.” “Homeland” is the first short documentary film he produced as a director in collaboration with Global Environmental Institute.


Yunzhu Chen (Jenna).


Jenna works at the Global Environmental Institute. The GEI is a Chinese, non-profit, non-governmental organization founded, registered and based in Beijing, China since 2004. It works alongside key policymakers, businesses, scientists, civil society leaders and local communities for foster dialogue and innovative solutions to protect the environment and enhance economic opportunity within China as well as in South East Asia and Africa. As one of the working directions, GEI expanded the ecosystem conservation and community development program in Sanjiangyuan area, Qinghai province in 2014. This program supported Longge village to establish the “Sngomtsho Herdsmen’s Cooperative,” initiated a community conservation concession agreement (CCCA), and has developed a traditional Tibetan handicrafts industry. By the end of 2018, GEI has promoted CCCAs in twelve communities in Sanjiangyuan, as well as other eight provinces in western China, establishing 500,000 hectares of community protected areas, and benefiting over 65,000 local residents. In 2017, GEI introduced the CCCA model in Myanmar.

DKU Filmmakers

Kameron Schroeder

With his film “Sharks: Feared and Food” (2018).


Catherine Brenner, Uros Osmokrovic, Xuchen Gong, Xinyue Lu, Weili Wu

With their film “Balloon Man Carbon Footprint” (2018).


Du Yinan

With her film A Confession of Anthropocene-aholic (2019).


Beryl Wang

With her film “Bery’s One Week”  (2018).


Huijing Huang & Kameron Schroeder (co-directors)

Representing the film “Decommissioned” (2018).


Kanfu Chen, Melissa Schirmer, Yuting Sun, Ruiwen Wu.

With their film “Water Pollution” (2018).


Vanessa Hu, Cecilia Yao, Aaron Tang

With their film “Campus Recycling Policies” (2018).


Shelley Jiang, Yetta He, Victor Lee, Ryan He.

With their film “An Un-Helpful Guide to Living a Green Life at DKU” (2018).


Wen Zhang

With her film “A Reflection on City Zoo” (2018).


Haitong Lin, Wenjie Zhou, Yuqing Liu, Yutong Lu, Ziting Huang

With their film “A Brief Research on Water Pollution” (2018).


Tianqui Wu

With her film“In Seach for Water” (2018).


Lang Tang

With her film “A Christmas Gift” (2018).