Duke Water Network (DWN) is a student organization dedicated to connecting students across campus with community members and professionals in the fields of water management, science, and business.  DWN works to organize employer and alumni networking events, informational trips to industries with intensive water use, and talks about relevant water science and policy research.

Join the Duke Water Network, Ocean Policy Working Group, and Student Association of Wetland Scientists from 1-3pm EST on Friday, March 5 and Friday, March 12 for our two-day spring symposium highlighting water stories and the power of narratives in responding to challenges like COVID-19 and climate adaptation.The plenary will bring together journalists, governments, NGOs, and community leaders who are addressing and elevating water-centric issues in the face of increased environmental and climate risk. After each plenary, we will be hosting a networking social half-hour where you’ll be able to connect with panelists and other students in small breakout sessions.

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