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  • Ph.D. Candidate, Materials Science, 2015 – present
    Department of Mechanical Engineering and Materials science, Duke University, Durham, NC
    Advisor: Prof. Volker Blum
  • B.S., Materials Physics, 2014
    Department of Materials Science, Fudan University, Shanghai, China
    Advisor: Prof. Shang-peng Gao


  • ELSI: An open-source, community-driven software interface connecting electronic structure codes to various high-performance solver libraries. Supports five eigensolvers and three density matrix solvers. Adopted by electronic structure code packages DFTB+, DGDFT, FHI-aims, and SIESTA.
  • GPU acceleration in ELPA: A massively parallel dense eigensolver library optimized for distributed-memory HPC resources.
  • FHI-aims: A full-potential, all-electron implementation of density-functional theory and beyond with numeric atom-centered basis functions.
  • Other open-source projects: DFTB+, ESL (electronic structure library), libOMM, NTPoly, PEXSI, SIESTA etc.