Virtual Worlds

The Duke ISIS Oasis (SLURL) and Duke Metaverse are Second Life islands owned by “Ouida Basevi” on behalf of ISIS. Students and faculty from various programs create content here. We are also exploring the use of the Croquet platform, OpenCobalt, which is being developed in part by ISIS faculty affiliates, Julian Lombardi and Mark McCahill, and OpenSim for new projects, including a virtual Sim Lab at Duke Hospital.


Virtual Clinic and Virtual Hospital

Duke Continuing Medical education, led by Gwen Murphy, is developing a “virtual clinic” to assist in the training of medical residents. This project, which is built on the Unity Game Engine will include ISIS students in scenario-building in year three of the grant. I am consulting on the design and technical aspects of the project.

The Experiencing Virtual Worlds FHI Interdisciplinary Working Group (2009-10 and 2010-11) co-convened by Clare Woods, Classical Studies and myself was merged into the FHI GreaterThanGames Lab beginning in 2011-12.