News and Updates

  • Augmentality with the Incoming MA and PhD Students September 3, 2017 Augmentality with the Incoming MA and PhD Students

    On Wednesday, August 30, 2017, we visited Durham’s new Augmentality Labs arcade as a welcome/welcome back event for our graduate students in the MA in Digital Art History/Computational Media and the PhD in Computational Media, Arts & Cultures. After a trip to Bull City Burgers, we tried a number of single and multi-user Virtual ...

  • FHI Open House and New PhD Lab Fellows September 3, 2017 FHI Open House and New PhD Lab Fellows

    On August 31, 2017 we  welcomed the new PhD Lab Fellows and celebrated the Digital Humanities Initiative at the most recent Open House at FHI. Our 15 new Fellows come from a range of disciplines and will help us explore a range of topics this ...

  • DH2017 in Montreal August 10, 2017 DH2017 in Montreal

    Trudi Abel and I participated in a digital pedagogy workshop at on August 8, 2017 at the Digital Humanities 2017 in Montreal, Quebec.

    We were part of the Innovations in Digital Humanities Pedagogy: Local, National, and International Training (2017) mini-workshop. We talked about NC Jukebox and different ...

  • Year 2 of North Carolina Central U-Duke DHI Fellows Program August 8, 2017 Year 2 of North Carolina Central U-Duke DHI Fellows Program

    We just launched year 2 of the North Carolina Central University/Duke University Digital Humanities Fellows program. This project is sponsored by the Humanities Writ Large initiative at the John Hope Franklin Humanities Institute, and supports the ongoing effort to connect with and support faculty in ...

  • SIGGRAPH 2017 August 8, 2017 SIGGRAPH 2017

    July 30-August 3, 2017 was my first SIGGRAPH annual conference as Chair of the ACM SIGGRAPH Digital Arts Community. This year we set up an on-site exhibition screen for the Immersive Expressions online show.Our next show, Designing Knowledge, just opened up a ...

  • Video Game Art Reader and Gallery August 3, 2017 Video Game Art Reader and Gallery

    I’m pleased to have joined the Video Game Art Reader Editorial Board last Fall, and to have been a backer for the recent Kickstarter to support the new Video Game Art Gallery in Chicago. The two initiatives are helping to further the collective conversation around videogames as art, something I have been involved with ...

  • Psychasthenia 3 at EVA London July 15, 2017 Psychasthenia 3 at EVA London

    I presented the latest art-game in Joyce Rudinsky and my Psychasthenia 3 series, “Dupes,” at EVA London on July 12, 2017.

    This version of the game explores the relationship of contemporary HR practices to an increasingly gamified experience of contemporary culture. For the session I presented a ...

  • Visualizing Cities in Barcelona July 10, 2017 Visualizing Cities in Barcelona

    On July 5, 2017 I gave a talk sponsored by the City Museum of Barcelona and the Autonomous University of Barcelona’s Landscape Intervention and Heritage Management MA Program. The talk, “Smartscapes: Urban Heritage in the Era of the

    Digital Society,” explored a range of possible approaches augmented ...

  • NC Jukebox visits Western North Carolina May 1, 2017 NC Jukebox visits Western North Carolina

    On April 22, 2017 Terry McKinney and his band hosted a special concert at the Orchard’s at Alta Pass. The NC Jukebox team, led by Trudi Abel from Rubenstein Library and myself,  were the featured guests. Our students presented some of the research they had done on the ...

  • Back to Rochester! March 5, 2017 Back to Rochester!

    I had the pleasurable opportunity to return to my alma mater, the University of Rochester, March 3-5, 2017, to give a talk on “Cultural Approaches to Digital Heritage” as a guest of Mellon Digital Humanities Fellows program, an engaged group of graduate students from various programs.

    I also ...

  • Digital Durham: Past, Present, Future Rebooted! January 3, 2017

    Great News! Digital Durham: Past, Present, Future – a reboot of the now “historic” Digital Durham website and project – has been funded by Bass Connections: Information, Society & Culture + the Education and Human Development tracks, along with the Franklin Humanities Institute, for 2017-18! Trudi Abel and I will be upgrading the ...

  • MLA 2017 January 3, 2017

    Looking forward to meeting up with friends old and new at the Modern Language Association conference in Philly this year. Looking forward to seeing the HASTAC community there as well.

    I’ll be attending our Transdisciplinary Connections: Digital Humanities Forum sessions, among others. I’ll also be presenting on Saturday during the “Digital Pedagogies” ...

  • Presentation GARR “CreActive” Conference in Florence December 10, 2016 Presentation GARR "CreActive" Conference in Florence

    On December 1, 2016 I had the opportunity to co-present at the Consortium GARR conference in Florence on “From landscape to cities. The digital co-creation of cultural heritage in Visuallogo_medioizing Venice and DOLOM.IT” with my colleagues Stefania Lacedelli Zardini and Giacomo Pompadin, who have their ...

  • Amsterdam talk on Visualizing Venice and Cultural Approaches to DH November 3, 2016 Amsterdam talk on Visualizing Venice and Cultural Approaches to DH

    Just back from giving a talk called “Digital Cultural Heritage: Concepts and Opportunities” in Amsterdam, where I talked about VV, Wired, and a bit about our thinking in making the version 1 of Ghett/App. I was invited by the Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam program in Art and Culture and Research Institute CLUE+, along with the ...

  • Ca’ Foscari affiliation October 1, 2016 Ca' Foscari affiliation

    Just got the official word that I’m officially a Visiting Professor at Ca’ Foscari in Venice. This is an honor and a very nice opportunity to connect further with people and resources there.  

    All of which also reminds me: the Wired Lab etc. really need to create a seal.


  • Talk at the SE Music Librarians Association Conference September 24, 2016 Talk at the SE Music Librarians Association Conference
    On Friday, October 21 I’ll be presenting with Trudi Abel at the Southeast Music Librarians Association (SEMLA) conference held at Duke University. We’ll be talking about NC Jukebox and getting expert advice from this group on how to move forward with the project.Since I’m teaching in Venice I’ll be Skyping in to a conference held ...
  • NC Jukebox Exhibition Up at Rubenstein September 1, 2016 NC Jukebox Exhibition Up at Rubenstein

    On September 1, 2016 the NC Jukebox exhibition at Rubenstein will be officially opening! This exhibit showcases some of the analog source materials being used for the digital archive project. It has been great to work with original media objects on this -all that AURA. Trudi Abel and Meghan O’Neil and I put the pieces ...

  • PhD Lab in Digital Knowledge Fellows Announced August 23, 2016 PhD Lab in Digital Knowledge Fellows Announced

    phdlogoWe publicly announced the new PhD Lab in Digital Knowledge Fellows for 2016 on August 23, 2016. This heterogenous group of grad students from various departments and programs will work with Co-Directors Phil Stern, History, David Bell, Romance Studies, and me to think about how ...

  • NCCU-Duke Digital Humanities Fellows Program August 22, 2016

    From August 19-21st we kicked off the NCCU-Duke Digital Humanities Fellows program. This is supported by Mellon Humanities Futures and was undertaken as an activity connected to the Duke Digital Humanities Initiative.  I co-taught the kickoff workshop with the help of my colleague Hannah Jacobs, who shared some of her tutorials on timelines, maps, and online ...

  • Digital Humanities at Duke Website Launch August 18, 2016 Digital Humanities at Duke Website Launch

    dh+The Digital Humanities Initiative website at Duke soft-launched on August 18, 2016. We are continuing to develop the project profiles and other resources on the site, but it is exciting to see it in place. Tremendous credit goes to the DH Klatch group, a team of ...

  • SIGGRAPH 2016 and the Digital Arts Community Committee August 2, 2016 SIGGRAPH 2016 and the Digital Arts Community Committee


    I hadn’t planned to go this year (after a number of years running volunteering for the conference) because I was doing so much traveling this year, but I got the happy news that I’d been selected and approved as the new Chair of the ACM SIGGRAPH ...

  • DH2016 and the wonders of Krakow August 1, 2016 DH2016 and the wonders of Krakow


    I had the fantastic opportunity to attend DH 2016 in Krakow this year. I had never been to Central/Eastern Europe, which, considering my ancestors come from the region, seemed overdue. It was wonderful to experience history as represented through museums and heritage sites in both Budapest ...

  • Visualizing Venice 2016 and Ghett/App Launch July 1, 2016


    I had the opportunity to teach the VV Summer Workshop version 5.0 this year. I was joined by my colleagues from the Wired Lab, Mark Olson, Hannah Jacobs, Ed Triplett along with Ludovica Galeazzo, whom we have worked with on various Visualizing Venice projects over the years. ...

  • HASTAC Steering Committee Membership June 10, 2016 HASTAC Steering Committee Membership

    I’m honored to be joining the HASTAC Steering Committee! HASTAC and Duke have enjoyed a close relationship over the years, as Cathy Davidson, one of the co-founders, was at Duke at the time it was created. HASTAC also partners with the Franklin Humanities Institute on the PhD Lab for Digital Knowledge, founded by ...

  • MA and PhD Comp Media Programs Approved and Running May 26, 2016 MA and PhD Comp Media Programs Approved and Running

    Huge achievement this year: we got the interdisciplinary, interdepartmental PhD in Computational Media, Arts & Cultures approved in May by the Board of Trustees. A collaboration between AAHVS, Literature, and the Franklin Humanities Institute, and with the support of the Mellon Foundation, this is a novel and inovative program in many ...

  • Fall 2016 Teaching May 2, 2016 Fall 2016 Teaching

    sanservol1In Fall 2016 I will be teaching two courses at Venice International University, through their Globalization Program. I’ve returned to VIU for the last five years co-teaching the Visualizing Venice summer workshops, and also taught at VIU in Fall 2013, so this is a welcome return.I’m ...

  • Teaching: Spring 2017 April 26, 2016

    In Spring 2017 I will be teaching two Capstones – for the Visual and Media Studies Major in Art, Art History & Visual Studies and for the Information Science + Studies Certificate Program. Both courses will meet concurrently, with two sections total.

    I will also be consulting on the NC Jukebox course, which ...

  • NC Jukebox at HASTAC and DH2016 February 22, 2016 NC Jukebox at HASTAC and DH2016

    Looking forward to sharing the NC Jukebox project at HASTAC in Tempe, AZ and at DH2016 in Krakow!



    HASTAC is always a great experience, of course.  I’m also exceptionally excited for the latter, however, both because getting conected to the international, big-tent DH community ...

  • Procedural Art: Game Platforms for Creative Expression at CAA 2016 January 16, 2016

    More fun at College Art Association! I’m co-chairing a session with my collaborator Joyce Rudinsky on “Procedural Art: Game Platforms for Creative Expression” at CAA in a few weeks. This session is part of the New Media Caucus offerings at the conference:


    Time: 02/05/2016, 3:00 PM—5:00 PM
    Location: Thurgood Marshall ...

  • Digital Cultural Heritage as Public Humanities Collaboration January 16, 2016

    In a couple of weeks I will be leading a session called “Digital Cultural Heritage as Public Humanities Collaboration” at the College Art Association’s annual conference in Washington DC. We have a fantastic panel of presenters who will share their projects in a “project fair” and then we will switch over to a ...

  • NC Jukebox Renewed with Bass Connections; Open House on 1/27/2016 January 16, 2016

    The NC Jukebox project was renewed within the Bass Connections Information, Society, and Culture theme. We are also supported by the Franklin Humanities Institute. This means we will be able to develop our exhibitions at the Rubenstein Library and in Western NC further this summer, and to offer another class in Spring 2017. Trudi Abel ...

  • STEAM Challenge Deadline February 1, 2016 January 16, 2016 STEAM Challenge Deadline February 1, 2016

    We are hosting several info sessions for the STEAM Challenge, which is thematized around “Digital Humanities” this year as part of the Duke Digital Humanities Initiative and co-sponsored by the Vice Provost for Academic Affairs. The initial project proposal deadline is February 1, 2016. Members of the STEAM Challenge Advisory Board will be on hand ...

  • CLIR “Hidden Collections Grant” January 5, 2016 CLIR "Hidden Collections Grant"

    iphone-music-nohandGreat news! CLIR funded the Rubenstein Library’s Hidden Collections grant to digitize the rest of the Frank Clyde Brown collection of wax cylinders and aluminum disks. These recordings of western NC singers and songs from the early 20th c. are a tremendous resource for historians, ethnomusicologists, ...

  • Bass Connections: Information, Society, and Culture December 7, 2015 Bass Connections: Information, Society, and Culture

    Just announced that I’m the new co-director, with Robert Calderbank, of the Bass Connections: Information, Society, and Culture theme. This is pretty exciting because it brings together a lot of my interests. Given that the Information Science + Studies Program Certificate is also the Bass ISC Certificate, and that I’m working ...

  • Spring 2016 Teaching December 7, 2015

    I will not be teaching courses in Spring 2016 as I will be on leave working on augmented reality research projects and reading upon the latest theories and possibilities for augmenting the public presence of the humanities through digital cultural heritage application development. In addition, I will continue to develop the Bass Connections NC Jukebox ...

  • Summer 2016 Visualizing Venice Workshop December 7, 2015

    In Summer 2016 I’m very pleased to be co-teaching the Visualizing Venice summer workshops again. This year’s theme will be the 500th Anniversary of the Jewish Ghetto in Venice. I’ll be working on some Venice AR projects in Spring 2016 in anticipation of the workshop, as well as developing the curriculum with our team in ...

  • Duke STEAM Challenge 2015-16: Digital Humanities December 1, 2015 Duke STEAM Challenge 2015-16: Digital Humanities

    Excited to announce the new Duke STEAM Challenge, which is co-sponsored by the Office of Academic Affairs, the Digital Humanities Initiative at FHI, and Information Science + Information Studies, along with support from Innovation and Entrepreneurship, HASTAC at Duke and more. The STEAM Challenge is a competition for students to bring ...

  • Digital Humanities Initiative Launch October 2, 2015 Digital Humanities Initiative Launch

    dh+We had a great start to the Franklin Humanities Institute’s Digital Humanities Initiative launch. Faculty, staff, and graduate students from a wide range of disciplines gave lightning talks on their work. Video coming soon.

    DHI Launch, “Conversations in the Digital Humanities” program

    DHI and PhD ...

  • Book Reviews September 11, 2015

    I recently wrote a book review for American Studies on Matthew Jockers’ Macroanalysis and on Peter Swirski’s From Literature to Literature. Very interesting juxtaposition of texts that left me simultaneously jazzed and anxious. Not a bad place to be.

  • Fall 2015 Teaching September 7, 2015 Fall 2015 Teaching

    In Fall 2015 I am teaching two classes:

    HCVIS 580S/ISIS 580S/VMS 580S: Historical and Cultural Visualization Promseminar 1

    This course is the first semester proseminar for the Wired MA in Historical and Cultural Visualization. The whole course is basically about the idea of data in the humanities, and about how “digital humanities” can become multimodal. ...

  • ACM SIGGRAPH 2015: Special Issue of Leonardo August 15, 2015 ACM SIGGRAPH 2015: Special Issue of Leonardo

    leonardo2015_cover-3-1The ACM SIGGRAPH 2015 Special Issue of Leonardo is out! I was the guest editor for Art Papers and it includes six exciting essays chosen by a fantastic team of jurors. SIGGRAPH is always a great experience because it brings together a diverse range of folks from ...

  • Wired! and Visualizing Venice: Scaling up Digital Art History June 21, 2015

    Kristin Lanzoni, Mark Olson and I recently published an article in Artl@s about the Wired! lab projects. This gives a nice overview of the range of approaches we take, in particular how we tie together teaching and research to develop our own brand of digital art history.

  • Bass Connections Project: NC Jukebox March 7, 2015

    This Spring we began preparation for the NC Jukebox project, a Bass Connections/Information, Society, and Culture and FHI jointly sponsored project. The project is focused on the Frank Clyde Brown collection of wax cylinder recordings of NC Mountain Music.

  • Spring 2015 Teaching February 7, 2015 Spring 2015 Teaching

    In Spring 2015 I am teaching two courses:

    ISIS 495S: Information Science + Information Studies Research Capstone, where we create a group project together. The Spring project is Durham Stories, a website and AR app hosted in Layar.


    ISIS 268/VMS 266 Media History: Old and New. ...

  • Wired! Talk with Kristin Lanzoni at Temple University October 21, 2014

    Kristin Lanzoni and I gave a talk, “Wired Approaches to Digital Scholarship” at Temple University on October 21, 2014. We each presented a part of an essay we wrote with Mark Olson about the Visualizing Venice and Wired Lab projects.

  • SLSA 2014 October 12, 2014

    I gave a paper called “Augmented Humanities Practice: the Fluid Site of Annotation” at SLSA in Dallas, October 9-12, 2014. It was great to see all those watery metaphors activated across the various panels!

  • Fall 2014 Teaching September 1, 2014

    This Fall I’m teaching two fun courses. The first, “Digital Cities and the Cartographic Imagination,” is something I taught last year in Venice. It feels rich and luxurious to have all these local resources at our disposal to make Durham our “lab” once again for the hands-on bits. Venice is fantastic, but so is having ...

  • Barcelona! July 1, 2014 Barcelona!

    I had the wonderful opportunity to visit Barcelona and give a two-day workshop and public presentation on digital mapping and augmented reality for the Autonomous University in Barcelona. They have a very interesting and innovative landscape and history MA program.

    Flyer conference V. Zsabo_MUHBA Barcelona


    The fact that I ...

  • Visualizing Venice Summer Workshops 2014 June 20, 2014 Visualizing Venice Summer Workshops 2014

    The Visualizing Venice Summer Workshops for 2014 were focused on ‘The City and the Lagoon.’ We worked on-site for two weeks at Venice International University and the Venice environs.







    Our students created videos and Neatline projects describing various aspects of that relationship. These are ...

  • Padua/Padova June 2014 June 15, 2014 Padua/Padova June 2014

    I spent a couple of days in Padua between sessions of the Visualizing Venice workshops back in June, giving talks with the ever-inspiring Caroline Bruzelius on “The lives of places and cities: New models of representation and their conceptual implications for the past and present.” Saw fantastic colleagues and met students in the crossover architectural ...

  • Teaching Spring 2014 May 1, 2014 Teaching Spring 2014

    This Spring I taught two courses. The first, Media History: Old and New, is a favorite because I get to delve back into all sorts of historic media in the process of talking about cultural resonances between c. 19 exhibition culture and the contemporary digital context. The repeated utopian/dystopian narratives and supernatural reaches are definitely ...

  • MLA 2014 “Getting Starting with DH” and “Evaluating Digital Scholarship” January 10, 2014

    I am at MLA 2014 teaching a workshop on “Digital Mapping and Augmented Reality” for DHCommons. Slides here. I am also convening a workshop for the MLA Committee on Information Technology on “Evaluating Digital Scholarship: Candidate Success Stories.” This is my last year on the committee but I hope ...

  • MA in Historical and Cultural Visualization Approved! January 9, 2014 MA in Historical and Cultural Visualization Approved!

    Great news! Our proposed MA in Historical and Cultural Visualization has been approved by the Board of Trustees. I am one of the core faculty members and will be teaching Pro-Seminar II: Duke will begin accepting applications now for Fall 2014 enrollment.


    Historical and Cultural Visualization Proseminar 2
    Spring Semesters
    By Permission

    Theories ...

  • Chicago Bound: January 2014 January 8, 2014

    I am headed to Chicago for a double-header: MLA 2014 and then a visit to the University of Chicago where I’ll join colleagues and graduate students in Art History & English talking about how historical and cultural visualization techniques can enhance research.

  • Teaching at VIU in Fall 2013 December 22, 2013

    I had a great time teaching at Venice International University. Amazing set of colleagues and students from around the world.  Plus, I took Italian!

    My courses were called “Digital Cities and the Cartographic Imagination” and “Foundations of Web-Based Multimedia Communications.” Check out the final student project demo video on Vimeo!

  • Digital Heritage International Congress 2013 October 1, 2013

    Tim Senior, Florian Wiencek and I did a short paper describing our experiences with the Digital Cities course co-located between Duke and Jacobs University in Germany. Tim is going to deliver it for us at the Digital Heritage International Congress 2013 in Marseille. Sadly, I need to be back in the states at that ...

  • SIGGRAPH 2013: XYZN: Scale August 1, 2013

    The XYZN: Scale gallery went up at SIGGRAPH 2013 in Anaheim! Catalog is available as a special issue of Leonardo.  The works are also visible online on the SIGGRAPH site for that year. I gave a guided tour video on-site for the press.

    I was pretty proud of the video ...

  • ACM SIGGRAPH July 2013 – XYZN: Scale Gallery August 1, 2013 ACM SIGGRAPH July 2013 - XYZN: Scale Gallery

    I organized the XYZN: Scale gallery at the ACM SIGGRAPH conference held in Anaheim CA in July. The catalog is published as part of a special issue of MIT’s Leonardo.


    Check out the Promo Video for the gallery as well as the Media Tour ...

  • Summer Visualizing Venice Workshops July 1, 2013 Summer Visualizing Venice Workshops

    In June 2013 I co-taught a workshop on historical and cultural visualization techniques for an international set of graduate students interested in art, architectural, and urban history. (We also did a workshop in 2012 on the Waters of Venice.)

    Our final projects were presented as video, interactive timelines, websites, and augmented reality installations. Check ...

  • Fall 2013 Teaching June 21, 2013

    In Fall 2013 I will be teaching at Venice International University in Venice, Italy. Please see the VIU site for details:

  • Google Glass June 15, 2013

    My little tweet got picked for Google Glass! I will be trying the system out this summer and bringing to Venice in Fall 2013 to experiment with it as an augmented reality device. More soon as I find out what it can do.

    Update: putting some observations online at

  • Psychasthenia 2 June 14, 2013 Psychasthenia 2

    The collaborative computer-games driven art project, Psychasthenia 2, will be presented as an installation at the New Media Currents 2013 exhibition in Sante Fe, NM from June 14 – 30, 2013. We have set up a little “treatment room” for our clients to enter when they interact with the project. I am especially proud of ...

  • FHI GreaterThanGames Lab Ending Spring 2013 June 10, 2013 FHI GreaterThanGames Lab Ending Spring 2013

    After two years, Tim Lenoir, Kate Hayles and I are wrapping up the FHI GreaterThanGames: Transmedia Applications, Virtual Worlds, and Digital Storytelling Lab. This lab was a temporary formation designed to jump-start collaborations across various groups and disciplinary boundaries. Please see our GTG web archive for more info on our work.  Thanks to ...

  • Innerspace Adventure February 1, 2013

    My collaborator Joyce Rudinsky and I put together an augmented reality experience for the College Art Association conference  in NYC, which took place in February 2013. This project is set in the New York Hilton, and mimics a text adventure in its simple branching structure. It is activated from a image released at the conference ...

  • Spring 2012 Teaching January 1, 2012

    ISIS 200: Research Capstone

    Senior-level course for students enrolled in the Information Science + Information Studies Undergraduate Certificate. The semester project will be announced soon!

    First meeting will be in Smith Warehouse Bay 12, Room 228, on Wednesday, January 11, 2012. Subsequent meetings will take place in 228 and in the GreaterThanGames Lab in Smith Warehouse, ...

  • MLA 2012 – “Digital Humanities versus New Media” January 1, 2012

    AT MLA 2012 I’ll be presenting on a panel I organized called Digital Humanities versus New Media. The topic of my presentation is “Digital Humanities Authorship as the Object of New Media Studies.” (See also Stanley Fish’s recent NYT Opinionator piece that mentions our session.)

    I’ll also be helping with the pre-conference ...

  • HASTAC V Presentation on Digital Scholarly Communication December 2, 2011

    Digital Scholarly Communication – Notes from the Wired! Lab for Digital Historical Visualization, HASTAC V Conference, Ann Arbor, MI, December 02, 2011. Panel presentation with Mark Olson, Elizabeth Baltes, and Erica Sherman in Ann Arbor, MI. My part of the talk is represented by slides 13-16 in the slidedeck from our panel ...

  • Historical GIS and Digital Humanities: A Conversation at the Intersection November 18, 2011

    Recent event at UNC-Chapel Hill:

    HGIS Carolina Presents:
    Historical GIS and the Digital Humanities: A Conversation at the Intersection
    Friday, November 18, 2011
    2PM, Davis 214 (Davis Library on UNC-CH Campus)

    Victoria Szabo (Duke)
    Richard Marciano (UNC)
    Pam Lach (UNC)

    Susanna Lee (NC State)

    “This will be the event of the year for historical GIS and digital ...

  • A Primer for Digital Media Authorship: Placing the Crystal Palace and the Great Exhibition of 1851 November 16, 2011

    Wired! at Lunch series presentation on current research projects and future directions. This presentation combined my interest in the affordances of digital media authorship with the potential for specific interventions around an historic exhibition and its associated materials and contexts. Slidedeck PDF.

  • 19th Century Caribbean Cholera Project Published! November 11, 2011

    Deborah Jenson , Victoria Szabo, and the Duke FHI Haiti Humanities Laboratory Student Research Team, Cholera In Haiti and Other Caribbean Regions, 19th Century, edited by Center for Disease Control and Prevention, Emerging Infectious Diseases, vol. 17 no. 11 (November, 2011) . I was the second author, and the primary author ...

  • Gaming the Real: The Convergence of Maps, Social Media, and Virtual Worlds at SLSA 2011 September 16, 2011

    Gaming the Real: The Convergence of Maps, Social Media, and Virtual Worlds, Society for Literature, Science & the Arts (SLSA), Kitchener, Ontario, September 16, 2011. Slidedeck here as PDF. SLSA Program.

  • SIGGRAPH 2011 “Tracing Home” Gallery Augmented Reality Experience August 15, 2011 SIGGRAPH 2011 "Tracing Home" Gallery Augmented Reality Experience

    V.E. Szabo, Augmented SIGGRAPH/Vancouver (August, 2011) (Augmented Reality experience juxtaposing Art Gallery work with local Vancouver sights via an augmented reality browser). See the Layar App on iPhone/iPad and search for SIGGRAPH 2011 Art Gallery.

  • Fall 2011 Teaching August 15, 2011

    ISIS 140/AMI 167/VMS 120 (R, ALP, QS)
    Foundations of Web-Based Multimedia Communication

    Smith Warehouse, Bay 12, Room 228

    Introduction to HTML, CSS, and JavaScript for beginners, along with basic multimedia production. Primarily a hands-on coding course, with additional materials on information and graphic design principles. Individual and group projects culminate in an individual hand-crafted informational website ...

  • Kenan Institute for Ethics “Good Question” series April 15, 2011

    The Kenan Institute asked me to respond to the following question for their “Good Question” series of brochures circulated around campus and online in Spring 2011:

    What happens when we blur the line between what is virtual and what is real, and what are the dangers or opportunities in doing so?

    My answer: Full Piece

    They also ...

  • Writing in 3D: Immersive Virtual Writing as Authorship and Critique February 5, 2011

    “Writing in 3D: Immersive Virtual Writing as Authorship and Critique”, NC Symposium on the Teaching of Writing, February 05, 2011. Slidedeck PDF. Panelist on “Virtual Worlds: Pedagogies of Play” session.

  • Online “Office Hours” on Teaching with New Media October 30, 2009

    This live-streamed interview aired on October 30, 2009. The news blurb is linked here.

    This was fun to do, but also a bit weird to talk to myself, with only HAL for company…