Visualizing Venice Summer Workshops 2014

Visualizing Venice Summer Workshops 2014

The Visualizing Venice Summer Workshops for 2014 were focused on ‘The City and the Lagoon.’ We worked on-site for two weeks at Venice International University and the Venice environs.







Our students created videos and Neatline projects describing various aspects of that relationship. These are accessible on Vimeo and on our server.

Fortifications in the Lagoon
Lorenzo, Anna, Maria
Neatline Exhibit


Torcello Cathedral through the Centuries
Christine, Erica, James, Kyle

Isola La Certosa
Heike, Rachel, Stephanie, Jason

Neatline Exhibit

Public Health in the Venice Lagoon
Bianca, Haude, Michelle, Ali
Neatline Exhibit

Development of the Mose
Jesse, Carlo, Chelsea

MOSE from Media Arts + Sciences at Duke U on Vimeo.

The 2013 projects on the Venetian Ghetto are also still available to view: