Welcome to the website for the Visions of Freedom Living-Learning Community (LLC), Duke’s first living-learning community. We’re a group of Duke upperclassmen with a passion for politics, philosophy, and economics. We also believe the best conversations don’t always happen in the classroom. They happen over a meal, during trip off-campus or in the middle of a “social” event. That’s why we’re striving to create a space for not-too-serious intellectual conversations outside of the classroom and traditional extracurricular settings.  

We value intellectual diversity, because how can you have a good conversation if you always agree? We value respect for others’ opinions as well as a good comeback. While many of us major in political science and public policy, some of us major in biology. While a good number of us participated in FOCUS our freshman year, many of us did not. We have members from literally 10 minutes away and literally the other side of the world.

The 2016-2017 academic year is our first year as a living-learning community. We’re currently 18 members strong and live in Edens 1A. In the coming years, we are looking to expand and take on new members. To learn more, check out our website, come to our events, or send us an email through Duke groups!