Author: Frank Banda

Hayek on Socialism with Prof. Bruce Caldwell

LLC Recruitment Week Calendar Spring 2022

Higher Education and Democracy with Prof. Deondra Rose on 11/18/2021

VoF Bookbagging Event on 10/26/2021

Building a Better America-One Wealth Quintile at a Time With Prof. Dan Ariely on 4/22/2021

The Ethics of Antidemocratic Opposition to Democratic Regimes with Alexander Kirshner

Machiavelli’s Vision of Liberty with Nathan Tarcov

On Nov. 12th, at 7:30 pm EST, the LLC’s John Locke Program will host Nathan Tarcov for a lecture on Machiavelli’s Vision of Liberty. Prof. Tarcov teaches at the University of Chicago where he received the Quantrell Award for excellence in undergraduate teaching. He is a renowned political scientist who translated Machiavelli’s Discourses on Livy.

Prof. Tarcov has said that those attending may want to read Chapter V of Machiavelli’s Prince and as well as Discourses on Livy 1.16 and 2.2 (feel free to ignore the marginal notes). Reading is not required for attendance but may provide a useful primer.

The link for the event’s Zoom room is here.

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