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Bant’s Carn

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bants-carn-burial-chamber-research-1Bant’s Carn is one of approximately 80 entrance graves found on the Isles of Scilly from the Bronze Age period, however Bant’s Carn is the best preserved. An entrance grave is a megalithic chamber tomb of this period that is marked by a narrow entrance leading into a rectangular hurial chamber covered by a small round stone. Upon construction, the tomb would have included a roof over the stone-lined entrance passage. Archaeologists believe that the simplicity of these tombs reflect older methods of burial in a preservation of custom and tradition. This practice of large burial monuments of the time indicates to archaeologists that they may have acted as territorial markers or signifying ancestral ownership. Bant’s Carn was excavated in 1900 by a Mr. George Martin who found the remains of four human cremations in a burial chamber. He also found decorated pottery fragments and two worked flints. Archaeologists believe that the pottery fragments could be remnants of urns in which the cremated dead would have been placed and that these urns would have been used in daily life before death. A modern wall cuts into the back enclosure of the tomb.


For the model, materials such as popsicle sticks, small stones, and even some foods can work well. Use the plan of the tomb to assist students in constructing a model.


: To preserve archaeological sites is to keep them in safety and protect them from harm, loss, or destruction.

Take home challenge:

Have the students draw a family tree for Aelfric and Edwina. Limit their ancestry to 2 or 3 generations for the sake of time, but have them make up a short story about the family of settlers.

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