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Aelfric and Edwina Need Your Help!

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archae9This section approaches the issue of commercial archaeology and its negative effects on preservation. Although Halangy Down Village and Bant’s Carn are well protected by English Heritage, many other sites fall prey to industrialization. This section is meant to empower students to think about why history is important and what can be lost when we do not protect the archaeological sites.

You may want to give them some initial kick-off ideas, but let them come to their own conclusions about why they do not want the “Evil Mr. Jones” to destroy the archaeological sites. Letting them work in small groups here can even be helpful for some students who may be struggling in this section – let their creativity feed off of one another.

Take Home Challenge:

Once they have brainstormed their reasons for Mr. Jones to not destroy the sites, have them write a small speech to Mr. Jones, compiling their arguments, to be either shared orally with the class or to be posted around the room.

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