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General Tips

  1. Keep your students engaged by making the guide book a class activity – encourage collaboration during the brainstorming sections and let them help each other. 
  2. Make sure to move at a slow enough pace so that kids can ask a lot of questions, you don’t want them to get lost in the terms or language.
  3. Keep them engaged at home! Send the students home each week with something to research with their families. Sending them home with a question is a great way to get them excited about finding the answer and then bringing it back to share with their classmates.
  4. Begin the educational experience with plenty of time before your visit to the sites. We recommend 6-8 prior in order to allow the students to form a long-term investment in the characters and archaeology of the location.
  5. Any pictures that are referenced in the website can be found in the Image Resources page.
  6. Establish a reward system for the Star Points program before you start the Guide. This will establish incentive, excited energy, and a fun way to keep kids invested in the program.