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ArchaeoKIDS Only

This element of the website is dedicated to a hypothetical website that, if both my time and html coding skill-set were expanded, would exist. This ideal, hypothetical website would be devoted to Student interaction with the history, narrative and characters all through the website. The following elements would exist in this ideal website:

  • Take home challenges could be taken to a peer-to-peer interactive level in multi-player serious games
  • The teacher would issues quizzes and information games that students could take/play for both credit and additional Star Points
  • The Star Points system would be expanded to the online platform in order to increase incentives and long-term commitment to the program
  • A dictionary section would exist that could aid students in expanding their archaeological vocabulary beyond the basics provided in the guide and offer examples to the definitions for Star Points
  • The online platform would bring characters Tom, Aelfric, and Edwina to life in video or cartoon elements for each section of the Kids’ Guide