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At ArchaeoKIDS, we seek to promote a unified mission in all of our programs. ArchaeoKIDS at its core seeks to empower the next generation to take ownership of their land and its history by instilling an understanding of the archaeological process and its contextual history.
Every program created by ArchaeoKIDS seeks to promote the following aims:
  • To help students become aware of the rich archaeological history of England.
  • To give students an understanding of archaeology and the role of archaeologists.
  • To establish a broad understanding of the archaeological process from excavation to preservation.
  • To instill an understanding of archaeological preservation and why it is necessary.

The Isles of Scilly edition specifically seeks to promote the following aims:

  • To teach elements of the history of the Bronze and Iron age human occupation of England.
  • To provide a long-term connection to archaeological sites through Aelfric and Edwina and the Isles of Scilly.

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