Visualizing Vulci is the product of an Independent Study with Professor William Seaman and the culmination of several semesters of data analysis and research. Vulci is an Etruscan-Roman site located in Viterbo, Italy. My dissertation project focuses on the urban transformation of this city from the 6th century B.C. through the 4th century A.D. The goal of this research is to provide a more holistic and better contextualized understanding of Vulci’s urbanization process, which will allow for both micro and macro interpretations concerning social relationships, political influence, and economic power of a site at the center of key transitions.

The aim of this website is to provide a visual platform for viewing relationships between spatial information about Vulci in concert with historical research. Besides the visualizations provided in a series of linked maps, this website intends to offer the viewer a way to compare their semantic understanding with a visual model. In this way, the different models will inform the viewer and each other, creating a dialogue between the two approaches. (Navigate to the Methods page in order to read more about my methodology).