// Born in 1944 in Havana, Cuba
// Lives and works in Winston-Salem,
NC, and New York, NY

“A specific feature of Morera’s oeuvre,” writes Ana Belén Martín Sevillano, “is the recurrent depiction of feminine figures … represented in unconventional attitudes in an attempt to break down the traditional imaginary.”

Clara Morera studied at the National School of Visual Arts and graduated from the San Alejandro Academy, both in Havana. Throughout her studies she focused on painting. She has also worked for many years in a range of disciplines including tapestry, soft sculpture, drawing and multimedia installations.

Morera is a member of the Afro-Cuban Art group and Grupo Antillano. Her work was featured in the Grupo Antillano exhibition, Drapetomania, at the Museum of the African Diaspora (MoAD, San Francisco, CA). Morera has also exhibited in noted public collections such as the Museum of the Americas in Washington, DC (1992); the National Museum of Fine Arts in Havana (1970); and recently at Castle Galleries, New Rochelle College (NY); the Lyman Museum (CT); Newark Museum (NJ); the Lowe Museum of Art, University of Miami (FL); and Ethelbert Cooper Gallery of African American Art, Harvard University, Cambridge (MA).

Morera’s work has been written about in Small Axe: a Caribbean Journal of Criticism and Revue Noire, among others.


Piece in the Exhibit


Clara Morera // The Preboste Juan (King Juan), 2017, mixed media on canvas, 72 x 48 inches. (courtesy of the
artist and Dorfsman Fine Arts, Miami; photograph by Yolanda Navas)


Láminas 6-7
Governing Claudius, also called Prester John, who wore Lion’s Claws as boots and is painted at right …



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