Mycology class featured in Duke News

ras_shroom_groupIt’s been a busy couple weeks for the mycology class this fall.  Last week we had a field trip to Duke Forest with Taylor Lockwood (before his fantastic Spirits of of the Forest show).  Robin Smith from Duke News also came on our field trip and filed this report on the fungi that we found. This past week featured several ‘food oriented’ classes/labs that were part of a larger campus-wide event on “Subnature and Culinary Culture“.  On tuesday our was visited by Dr. Ben Wolfe who gave us a lecture on the mycology and microbiology of artisan cheeses.  Thursday the class went on a foray with “Wildman” Steve Brill who showed the class many edible and medicinal plants and fungi growing right on campus.   We learned about edibility of several common mushrooms including Lepiota americana.

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