NSF Dimensions of Biodiversity

This project addresses taxonomic, genetic and functional diversity of ectomycorrhizal fungi (EMF) associated with pine forests across North America.  The project  is described on our web site

This project will utilize next-generation sequencing techniques, coupled with population genomics, metagenomics, functional enzyme assays and a rigorous ecological sampling design to investigate the diversity of EMF across multiple spatial, genetic and functional scales.  Aims of this study are to (1) provide a continental scale perspective on EMF taxonomic diversity associated with pines (2) establish patterns of gene flow and selection for multiple EMF taxa across North America, (3) use hierarchical phylogenetic sampling to measure variation in functional enzyme production across individuals, populations and species of EMF, and  (4) use RNA based metagenomics to measure the full spectrum of functional trait expression on individual mycorrhizal root tips.  By doing so, this project will synthesize the links among taxonomic, genetic and functional diversity for EMF across dominant pinaceous ecosystems in North America.

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