i use the tools of psychology and philosophy to explain different aspects of the mind and autonomy


Published Work

(Forthcoming) “These confabulations are guaranteed to save your marriage” (with Peter Finocchiaro) Synthese.

(Forthcoming) “Can the Mind Wander Intentionally?” (with Kristina Krasich) Mind & Language

(Forthcoming) “A Case for Conservatism about Animal Consciousness,” Journal of Consciousness Studies.

(2020) “What’s in a task? Complications in the study of the task-unrelated-thought (TUT) variety of mind wandering,” (with Kristina Krasich, Jonathan Schooler, and Paul Seli) Perspectives on Psychological Science 15:3, 572-88.

(2020) “The Place of the Trace: Negligence and Responsibility,” The Review of Philosophy and Psychology 11, 39-52.

(2020) “Vigilance and Control,” (with Manuel VargasPhilosophical Studies 177, 825-43.

(2019) “Responsibility for Forgetting,” (with Elise Murray, Greg Stewart, Walter Sinnott-Armstrong, and Felipe De BrigardPhilosophical Studies 176:5, 1177-1201.

(2018) “Why Value Values? Comment on John Doris’ Talking to Our Selves,” Behavioral and Brain Sciences 41, e54.

(2017) “Reference, Fiction, and Omission,” Synthese 195:1, 235-257.

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(2015) “An Early Theory of Contingency in Leibniz,” Studia Leibnitiana 47:2, 205-219.


Work in Progress (anything listed here is in draft form)

the nature and norms of vigilance

vigilance and self-control

vigilance and attention

accountability for what we do not do