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About Samuel Murray

I am currently a Postdoctoral Associate at Duke University in the Psychology & Neuroscience Department. I am based in Paul Seli's Mind at Large Lab and Felipe De Brigard's Imagination and Modal Cognition Lab. I earned my PhD from the University of Notre Dame in 2019. I work on the philosophy of psychology and neuroscience, moral psychology, and philosophy of mind. My dissertation focused on the nature and norms of vigilance and how vigilance supports temporally extended agency. I also work on mind wandering, prospective memory, self-control, cognitive control, and responsibility (particularly responsibility for negligence and unintentional omissions). Before Notre Dame, I was at Saint Louis University, Stanford University, Duke University, and the Universidad de los Andes.


i am a postdoctoral associate at duke in the mind at large lab and imagination and modal cognition lab.

my background is in academic philosophy (action and mind)

i got my phd at notre dame in 2019, but i’ve been based at saint louis, stanford, duke, and universidad de los andes over the years.