Versatile Humanists at Duke

What We Offer

Opportunities and resources to help Duke Ph.D. students in the humanities and interpretive social sciences develop a versatile set of skills

VH@Duke Internship Program

Secure a competitive, paid semester-long or summer internship that will give you new perspective on research interests, or enable you to explore a potential career avenue.
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Doctoral Innovation Grants

Collaborate with your department’s leadership to secure special grants to enhance academic training in your areas of focus.
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Customized, One-on-One Advising

Make an appointment with Dr. Maria LaMonaca Wisdom, Director for Graduate Student Advising and Engagement for the Humanities. Clarify your goals and gain perspective beyond the bounds of department, discipline, school, and university.
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Interdisciplinary project management

As a team leader for Bass Connections or Story +, work with faculty to supervise small, engaged teams of Duke undergraduates as they bring humanistic perspective and skills to bear on concrete problems and challenges.
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Resources: A Guided Tour

Learn about key resources at Duke and beyond that can help you cultivate versatility and launch your career.
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About VH@Duke

Versatile Humanists at Duke (VH@Duke) is supported by the National Endowment for the Humanities, the Duke Graduate School, and the Duke Provost’s Office. Our mission is to prepare Duke graduate students to make a difference in their careers as humanists, whether inside or outside the academy. Our offerings are geared to help future Ph.D.s in the humanities and interpretive social sciences flourish—in higher education, government, business, the non-profit sector, or wherever their talents and inclinations might lead.

We believe that versatility is just as vital for successful careers within academia as beyond it. The many challenges now confronting higher education compel today’s faculty members and administrators to work in teams, span boundaries, navigate diverse work cultures, and cultivate the habits of effective leadership.

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