Welcome! The Value of Love is an international workshop and network led by Drs. Jocelyn Olcott (Duke University) and Marija Bartl (University of Amsterdam) that brings together scholars from around the world to think critically about care labor and care economies.

The April workshop will serve as a launching pad for the upcoming year-long Bass Connections Project, “The Value of Love: Global Perspectives on the Economy of Care (2019-2020).” This Bass Connections project will reconsider the question of the value of care labor from the perspective of the global South. A two-day brainstorming session, the April workshop aims to bring together scholars from various disciplines and regions to think about how to frame a larger, multiyear grant proposal for an interdisciplinary, international working group.

“The Age of Iron. Man as he Expects to be”, an 1869 lithograph print published by Currier and Ives (152 Nassau St., New York).

By bringing together a diverse group of scholars working from different disciplines and locations, this project will explore ways that knowledge produced from the global South – where informal and subsistence labor occupy more economic space – offers possibilities for reimagining economies to place a higher value on care labors.

Working with Duke Learning Innovation, the project will include an online component growing from this website that will allow students to connect with network members around the world to collaborate on new research and writing.

We look forward to seeing you in April!