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S.ARCH 2020 — The 7th International Conference on Architecture and Built Environment with AWARDs (Expected)

Tokyo, Japan

The S.ARCH International Architectural Conference is a 3-day event with the focus on sustainability in architecture. S.ARCH is unique event providing a common platform for both groups: academics / researchers and architects. Among them, our delegates are also students, representatives of construction companies, civil engineers, developers, etc., coming from more than 40 countries around the world.

  • Relation to GC Focus: As my research in GCS involves the construction of tensegrity structures and their applications in sustainable urban development, this conference is highly aligned with the goals I hope to accomplish in this program, and will be a great opportunity for me to see what other students around the world are doing especially in this sector of work. With Keynote Speeches given by prominent architects, presentations of contributed works, and the chance to network with so many impressive, eager, and like-minded individuals, the S. Arch conference is one that will allow me to go beyond the classroom setting and pursue my goals as an engineer without the limitations of being a college student on campus.
  • Timeline: April 7, 2021 – April 9, 2021
  • Supervisor: N/A
  • Total Hours: 30 hours

Siatha Pedestrian Footbridge Project

Siatha, Bolivia (Charzani Municipality)

In the summer of 2019, I traveled to Bolivia along with four other Duke students to construct a 83-meter span footbridge across the Rio Camata, a river which provides environmental growth and irrigation to the community located in the Charazani region. Over the course of six weeks, we performed excavations, constructed foundations and anchors, and completed all steps of sliding and decking across the river. It was a deeply humbling experience to work so intimately with the community of Siatha, to be so deeply immersed in their culture and their lives. This unique experience also gave me the chance to oversee a full-scale construction project from start to finish, and recognize the significance of being a part of something much larger than myself.

    • Relation to GC Focus: Having the opportunity to construct a pedestrian footbridge is directly related to my GCS focus, as it allowed me to contribute to a site of urban development alongside community members.
    • Timeline: Summer 2019
    • Supervisor: Dr. David Schaad
    • Total Hours: 324 hours
During the Inauguration Ceremony at the completion of our project.
The final product after six weeks of hard work in Bolivia!
Enjoying the landscape and scenery as we completed our project.