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Research Triangle Park

My presentation on the reasons for the success and failures of the Research Triangle Park can be viewed here.



  1. To call research parks into existence at will is seemingly impossible, however RTP is seen as one of the most successful examples. Nevertheless, I do believe that there are some fortuitous factors that have to exist in a region before such success can occur (eg. the presence of universities in RTP’s case among others). I was very interested in the university-research park relationship, and I feel that it would be interesting if you did a comparison of other similar university-research parks such as Stanford etc.

  2. To anyone interested, I know of one research park that has not been very successful:
    There really aren’t many actual tenants, it’s mostly filled by Wake Forest Medical Center. Everytime I drive by it during working hours, the parking lots are rarely filled.

  3. My biggest question is, what type of effect did the redevelopment of downtown Durham have on RTP, and vice versa? Do you think that the huge amount of office space that’s recently become available downtown has had a negative effect on RTP? Was the previous success of RTP one of the main reasons why many new, high-tech startups have chosen to locate in the downtown area?

    -Ross Sylvester

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