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RTP: Impacts on Durham’s Economy

In this presentation I give a brief history of RTP and how it has impacted Durham’s economy.

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  1. Jiawen, very nice presentation of an overview of the RTP.

    You state that, “It is convenient to argue that RTP boosted and transformed Durham’s economy, but we also need to consider big picture trends.”

    Do you plan on performing regression analysis to study what factors attributed to the success of the RTP (as opposed to other research parks)? If so, how?

  2. Jiawen, this is an interesting topic and good approach to the subject.
    I know that your paper was supposed to be only 20 pages long and that this topic gave you more than enough information to fill that space, but it would be interesting if you could mathematically determine the variables with most influence in the model.
    I know that getting data for this would not be easy, but it would make the paper more complete.

    Good job!

  3. I liked your visual presentation. My biggest question that I have is, how did the revitalization of downtown Durham affect RTP? The redevelopment of the American Tobacco Complex and similar ventures has brought more than a million new sq ft of office space to the downtown area, and it seems as if the majority of it is inhabited by high-tech startups. Has this had any effect on the growth of RTP? Do you think that the success of RTP had anything to do with the relative willingness of these companies to locate nearby?

    Ross Sylvester

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