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Crime and the Recent Financial Crisis

In this presentation, I examine the idea that increased crime is associated with economic downturns.  I focus especially on crime statistics during the recent financial crisis.

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Dennis Chao


  1. I really like your correlation of crime and economics. Your conclusion that crime did not increase is quite interesting. From the slides you can tell that the actual presentation will be much more thorough.
    Although, I wonder if this indicates that there might be another underlying concept that determines crime rates, or if it is just that those who partake in crime would do so no matter the situation.

  2. I agree with Mitchel in that I thought your content was interesting and thought-provoking. Also, I thought your presentation itself was well put together, in that it clearly displays your main talking points, but is short enough to allow you to elaborate on them orally. It might be interesting to look at the crime rate in other cities/states and the country as a whole in order to get a better idea as to whether NC is an outlier or actually reflective of the trends in the entire US.

  3. What was the breakdown in the state? You may want to also look at what Professor Zimring of Berkeley says about the police/jail subject.

  4. Definitely an interesting topic. I do recall you mentioning that you are still in the process of working on the regressions since you only include unemployment as an explanatory variable in your analysis. I think demographics should be an extremely important explanatory variable in removing the confounding factors in your analysis.

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