UPE Leadership

2015-2016 Academic Year

Director of Graduate Studies (DGS): Dr. Christine Drea (cdrea@duke.edu)

Director of Graduate Studies Assistant (DGSA): Danielle Wiggins

Executive Council Chairs: Cari Ficken and Chase Nuñez

Mentorship Committee: Lauren Carley, Aaron Berdanier, Cari Ficken, Marissa Lee, Lindsay Leverett, Matt Ross, Kendra Symth

Graduate and Professional Student Council Representatives: Lydia Greene, Ryan Huang

Orientation Chairs: Lauren Carley and Becky Dalton

UPE Breakfast Captain: Lydia Greene

UPE Seminar and Oosting Lecture Chairs: Joanna Blaszczak and Becky Dalton

UPE Symposium Chairs: Matt Ross, Will Cioffi

Webmasters: Lindsay Leverett and Chase Nuñez