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Welcome to the Conversation


Women’s activities — both entertainment and employment — are often considered less serious or less important than men’s. Often they’re even deemed unworthy pursuits, unsuitable for women to engage in and enjoy. Women regularly find themselves justifying their choices and preferences at great length or, alternately, hiding them. In the realm of entertainment, nowhere is this more obvious than in the fiction many women choose to read.

UNSUITABLE is a space for open, frank and informed conversation about women and popular fiction historically and today, as well as related topics. We welcome you to join in the conversation both here on the blog and at our events throughout the year.

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Regarding comments: All comments are subject to moderator approval. Anonymous comments will not be approved. No slander or hate language is allowed on this site. This is a space for informed, educated conversation. We ask visitors to maintain that level of discussion. We welcome your participation.

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