Change in Election Period for Graduate Student Unionization

By | January 20, 2017

Dear Graduate Students,

I promised to keep you updated on any changes that might occur. The National Labor Relations Board has changed the dates for the election to determine whether the Service Employees International Union (SEIU) should represent Duke Ph.D. students serving as research or teaching assistants to allow more time to develop and verify the list of students eligible to vote.

The ballots will now be mailed out by the National Labor Relations Board (NLRB) on Feb. 3, and must be mailed back and received by the NLRB no later than 10 a.m. on Feb. 24, at which point the ballots will be counted.

We have received multiple questions from students about whether they are eligible to vote and how students can update their home address to ensure they receive a timely ballot for the election. We plan to send an email to all students eligible to vote on Wednesday, Jan. 25, once the list of eligible voters has been finalized and submitted to the NLRB.

The NLRB specified that Duke provide the home address on file that is used for the distribution of W-2 forms. So, if you want to ensure your home address is accurate and up-to-date, please visit the “MyInfo” section on the Duke@Work self-service website at Any address changes need to be made by midnight Tuesday, Jan. 24 to ensure they are captured for the voter eligibility file.

All updates and additional FAQs about the election are being posted on the following website:

Thank you, and have a wonderful weekend.


Paula D. McClain, Ph.D.
Dean of The Graduate School and
Vice Provost for Graduate Education