We are located on Duke’s Central Campus at 301 & 302 Oregon St – right by the Oregon bus stop. Our common room is 302 Oregon Apartment G! (First floor, parking lot side of 302)


  1.  Catch a CCX or C2!
  2.  Our section is at the first bus stop on central campus (from East).
  3.  Follow these images below to find us 🙂


Our 3-story layout is great for group living, whether we’re yelling down to the common room or throwing a party. In our custom-built common room (a modified suite), we watch movies, host events, and even study. We’ve outfitted it with ample furniture and a mini-library of books, movies, and games. Outside our common room, you can find our swinging bench.


Apartments are 2 bedroom with 2 occupants total. Includes a full kitchen (oven, stove, refrigerator), private bathroom (shower/bath), and balcony. Don’t sweat, we’ve got individual AC and heating control. Ubus make each space their own — we decorate our apartments how we like, with plenty of space to live in. Just like real people!


We’re just a five-minute walk to the Devil’s Bistro, Uncle Harrys, the pool, basketball courts and more. E-prints and laundry units are right across the street — close enough to walk in slippers and PJs. We also claim two giant parking lots for convenient access and parking. Access to Durham is easy and walkable: 9th Street businesses, Sam’s Quick Shop, and Whole Foods are just right down the street!

Come check out our section! We’d be happy to give you a tour in person.