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Ubuntu is located on Duke’s Central Campus at 301 and 302 Oregon right by the Oregon bus stop.

The two-story layout is great for group living, whether we’re yelling down to the common room or throwing a party. In addition to the 24 apartments that house our members, we have a custom-built common room at 302 Oregon G. Our common room is a modified suite where we watch movies, host events, or study. We’ve outfitted it with ample furniture and a mini-library of books, movies, and Xbox One. Outside our common room, you can also find our swinging bench.

Apartments are two bedroom with two occupants each. These include a full kitchen (oven, stove, refrigerator), private bathroom (shower/bath), and balcony. Hammock not included. Don’t sweat, we’ve got individual AC and heating control. Ubus make each space their own. We decorate our apartments how we like, with plenty of space to live in. Just like real people!

As a central residence, Mill Village is close by. It’s a five-minute walk to the Devil’s Bistro, Uncle Harry’s General Store, the Central Campus pool, playing fields and more. E-prints and laundry units are right across the street by 1708 Pace, close enough for you to walk there in slippers and boxers. Also, the Oregon bus stop is less than 30 seconds away — enough said. We also claim two giant parking lots right next to the buildings for easy access and parking. Access to Durham is easy. 9th Street businesses, Sam’s Quick Shop, and Whole Foods are just right down the street.

Come check out our section! We’d be happy to give you a tour in person.

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Shannon Thoits


Hi, my name is Shannon. I am from Santa Barbara, California. I consider myself to be aggressively Californian, idk why I even came to NC for college, but Duke is pretty great so I guess that’s a good enough reason. I am an Environmental Science major and I’m getting a certificate in Marine Science and Conservation Leadership (entirely too long of a name for an expensive piece of paper).
I am on Little Team as the Social Chair/External Affairs Coordinator/Party Person this year. When I’m not doing Ubu stuff, I love to rage on environmental issues, cook good vegetarian food, watch Parks and Rec in the gym (and on the couch tbh), hang out in the Chapel Basement with my PCM (Presbyterian Campus Ministry) fam, go backpacking/hiking whenever studying stress levels are low, and do cool stuff with water, soil, and plant samples at my job in a lab on campus. That was a HUGE run on sentence, can you tell that I’m not an English major?
I am still surprised that I am a junior this year, and I’m a little sad missing my abroad friends. BUT I am psyched to be at Marine Lab this spring semester. Come hang with Harper and me in 301 F for friends if you want tea, beer, and an overload of Californian.