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Stanley Yuan

StanleyHey! I’m Stanley, a current junior majoring in electrical computer engineering and computer science. In reality though, I *should* be majoring in trying to figure out my life. I like everything, from partying to social justice to the NBA to education policy to late night life conversations. But really, I like talking about anything. If I’m not already interested in something, after 10 minutes of conversation about it, I probably will be. Yara, another fantastic Ubu, recently converted me to a One Direction fanatic after explaining their life story to me in an hour.

I’ve been involved in a lot of things on campus (Women’s Center, the Chronicle’s Editorial Board, Common Ground, dPS, etc.) but perhaps my proudest achievement is the one time that I actually cooked my own meal in my Central apartment. (Central is great by the way – I don’t know a single person who lives on Central and doesn’t like it.)

Ubuntu has meant a lot to me as one of the communities that I care about the most at Duke, so feel free to ask me about that (or anything else)!

Miguel Guevara

Tis the prodigal son of Ubuntu who hath returned after a many long bout of self-reflection and indecisiveness. If you have half an hour, I would like to share with you where I am from. I hail from a German town of exquisite Germaness in Germany – Bad Krueznach. My mother is from Austria and my father is a Hispanic-American from Texas making me the Austro-Mexcian-Texan conglomerate that stands before you. Tis true, I eat schnitzel like nobody’s business and I ride my horse (iron horse à bike) to class daily. I have travelled extensively throughout my childhood and have lived in Germany and Japan for extensive periods. My language skills are as of yet still laughable however.

My academic interests center on international relations and global affairs so I plan on being a Poli Sci and history double major. If you have interests in these or any other matters you can always come by to have a discussion/virulent debate with me.

Out of class, I compete with larger-than-I megamen on the rugby pitch playing rugby and doing other rugby things. I am also active in goings on around campus and Ubuntu’s social scene. I am also a self-styled Quentin Tarantino “fan MAN”, so if you enjoy his films you have a friend in me. If you enjoy bachata and salsa dancing you also have a fan in me.

This is very important. As I have not been on campus this semester I do not know any of you rushees. Thus please send me an email and introduce yourself! Photo collages, 80s montage videos, and drunken selfies are encouraged. If you play rugby, are interested in playing rugby, or have never heard of the game and wanna give it a try, CONTACT ME IMMEDIATELY. If you are a heavy drinker and have an affinity to the devil’s syrup CONTACT ME IMMEDIATELY. If you are simply awesome CONTACT ME IMMEDIATELY. I look forward to seeing you all!

(Lauren) Harper

Hey y’all my name is Harper and I’m a born and bred Californian who likes to talk about concrete way too much (join Civil Engineering! We’re super fun!). You’ll find me either studying in the Chapel Basement with fellow Presbyterians or enjoying a craft beer at Fullsteam with fellow Presbeerterians. Around Ubuntu, I’m internal programming coordinator which means I plan all the fun stuff. I’m also the co-president of Duke Voices for Interfaith Action and work at the rock wall. I may sound busy but there’s a million things I haven’t done… just you wait!

Emma Achola


Hi ya’ll! My name is Emma. I hail from the great state of Georgia. I’m a sophomore at this fine institution for higher learning, and I am majoring in Public Policy Studies while also doing the pre-med thing. When I’m not on the school grind, I like wasting hours binge watching Netflix, I love watching the English Premiere League (best league in the world, go reds! Someone watch with me!), and absolutely adore the works of Issa Rae (forever an awkward black girl). I don’t know much about life or who I am, yet, but hey isn’t that what being young is all about??? I love forward to enveloping you in Ubu love! Til then, peace.

Aibi Janat


Hi Guys! My name is Aibi and I always have a hard time answering “Where are you from?” question. I was born in Mongolia and lived there for 12 years. After some traveling around in few different places, I now reside in Princeton, NJ. I love to listen to others’ stories!!!



Year: Sophomore
Major: Statistics and Economics, with a minor in Computer Science (probably)

• International Development! Anything related to international news and issues. I love global geopolitics, United Nations, and everything else related to global development.
• Human Rights! (no explanation needed)
• Love watching movies. I hope you have watched the imdb top 100 list (all of it)
• How I Met Your Mother and Suits! Own a copy of the Bro Code.
• Actively involved in Duke Engineers for International Development, Human Rights Fellows, Humans of Duke, Undergraduate Council for Middle Eastern and Islamic Studies, Economics Student Union and etc.
• Love playing volleyball and basketball.
• Alum of DukeEngage Uganda and Middle Eastern Studies FOCUS Program
• Adrenaline junkie. If it is exciting and thrilling, I will do it. Challenge Accepted!

Favorite Quote: “When I get sad, I stop being sad and be AWESOME instead!”

Ingrid Lorese

what a badass
Hey y’all, I’m Ingrid Lorese. I love music and trees. Low key want to be a florist and a doctor. I’m involved with the jazz ensemble, the on-campus ministry RUF, and Partners In Health Engage. I was born in the Philippines, moved to NJ when I was four, and moved to NC when I was eleven. Hit me up; I love getting to know people (and food/coffee/tea).

Andrew Method


Hey guys, my name is Andrew Method. I was born and raised in Park City, UT, and I’m a sophomore majoring in Biomedical Engineering. I love the snow, skiing, golfing, hiking, being outdoors, etc. I also really love driving, so if you see me cruisin around campus in my British racing green (yes, that is actually the color of my car, and yes I expect everyone to know the exact color) Mini Cooper with white racing stripes, feel free to wave. I’m a proud black-tenting member in Das Boot, I’m pretty involved with Catholic Center activities on campus, and I try to get out to the golf course to hit on the range or play a round every now and then. I can’t wait to meet everyone and get to know some of you! Happy rush!

Dad Moore

My name is Dan Moore. Born in Durham, raised in Chapel Hill, I am now a sophomore at Duke thinking about a Spanish/Biology major combo. I my interests include: hiking around NC, baking delicious things, destroying Piñatas, jamming on the piano, handstand contests with my roommate, and finally making sure at least one of my plants lives through the semester. My dreams are to one day to become a White wáter river-rafting guide on the Gauley River, become some kind of doctor, and to figure out how to play old-time banjo. I’m super excited to have all of you all coming to our events, and I can’t wait to get started!

Chandra Swanson


Hey everyone! I’m Chandra, and I come from the land of sunflowers and Superman (otherwise known as Kansas). Here at Duke, I’m a junior majoring in Evolutionary Anthropology and Global Health, with one foot on the pre-med train. When not buried in a book, you may find me running cognitive tests on preschoolers, tossing ribbons around with Duke Chinese Dance, and hanging out with lemurs and other primate friends. I prefer chocolate to vanilla, dogs to cats, and the book version to the movie version. I love exploring cultures near and far, collecting new random bits of knowledge, and eating good food almost as much as sharing it with good people. I’m really excited to meet you all, so please feel free to drop by any time!

Zack Fowler


‘Ello Lovelies!

Zack Fowler here. I’m happy to say that I’m a pseudo-local (I went to the NC School of Science and Math for high school, right across the street from East Campus) but I live in Sanford, NC.

I’m a double major in Global Health and Cultural Anthropology, and loving it. Most of the time at Duke, you’ll find me teaching a house course, in a rehearsal for Hoof ‘n’ Horn’s current show, holding a meeting for WISER, or a planning session for Duke Splash! I have a deep tie to Mexican food, an addiction to the Carolina Panthers, and if I’m ever sick and dying, just bring me a pug puppy, and I’ll be miraculously cured. I love all things human rights, have a huge soft spot for the ocean, and might just be crazy enough to join the Peace Corps. I’m always an open book and would love to chat, so come hunt me down!

Isa Ferrall


Hello world! My name is Isa (short for Isabel and pronounced like Lisa without the “L”) from Cary, NC! I am a senior Mechanical Engineer with a certificate in Energy and the Environment and I hope to pursue a career in Renewable Energy after I graduate in May! I studied abroad in France and spent a summer in Nicaragua (aka I will never be able to get rid of this travel bug). You can recognize me by my short stature, curly hair, chacoes, and love of the outdoors! Hope to see you in section soon!

Steven Boyd


Hello friends!

I’m Steven. I’m coming back from a semester of personal leave this spring and I’m super stoked to finally meet you! Many of my friends call here in Ubuntu call me Scrappy, I once won a watermelon eating contest, I think doing dishes is cathartic, I’ve worked three different jobs in my time off, I am STILL the best fantasy football player in Ubuntu (despite what Zach or Chris or Teddy might tell you), I firmly believe that Danny Brown’s “Old” is the best hip-hop album of our generation, and I hope to one day find a way to combine my love for bicycles and vinyl into a profitable business venture.

Keep it trill

Rachel Weber


Hola, my name is Rachel Weber, and I’ll answer to pretty much any variation of that (but please know that the first E in Weber is short, kind of like me). I’m a sophomore from New York, and I’m pursuing a major in Public Policy and a certificate in Energy and Environment. I’m interested in, you guessed it: public policy, energy, and the environment. But more specifically, I’m into food policy, sustainable energy systems, and cool ideas that make environmental conservation economical. Anyway, I bet we have something in common. Perhaps you also enjoy hiking, yoga-ing, poorly blogging, political partying, giggling in general, looking at trees. Let’s do these things together! Or something else because, hey, I also like new stuff.

Right now, I’m stoked to be traveling for the first time, studying climate change in Vietnam, Morocco, and Bolivia. I miss my Ubu family already! But physical distance shouldn’t stop us from getting to know one another–what else is the world-wide-web[er] for if not making long-lasting, virtual friendships? Don’t hesitate to shoot me a message or tweet at me or something. Rest assured, I’ll be Facebook-stalking you.

Daniel Woldorff


Grabbing the lemon, he exclaimed “Unacceptabllllllleeeeee!!!”

Loosely based on a true story, Follow Your Inner Orange follows Daniel, a shy boy on his lifelong quest to become a carrot. Raised in Chapel Hill, North Carolina, the young child throws himself into nature, befriending almost exclusively sapling loblolly pines. As a nascent gardener, he realizes that plants are not only great friends, but also delicious. Once he trims a few pounds, however, the blossoming young man must figure out how to at once pursue his dream and integrate into human society. On the way he encounters contra dancing, Battlestar Galactica, and extra-dry double-shot cappuccinos, realizing that people have some things to offer over plants. Yet trouble comes when, all over the world, evil agribusinesses conspire to suck the earth and all its plants dry of flavor. The only way to save the biosphere is for Daniel to become one with the most perfect life form — the carrot.

Teddy Ward


Yo!  My name’s Teddy (like the Bear).

about me:
Senior from outside Chicago.
Majoring in Computer Science & Earth and Ocean Science.
I like the outdoors. Geocaching, camping, or learning about the oceans.
I like funk music, especially Yo Mama’s Big Fat Booty Band, especially live.
If I could have a superpower, I would want to be able to stop time.
I like sportz and I don’t care who knows. (go Bulls!) One time I was on the Duke Rugby team, but I’m weak, so I quit after a semester.
I like black coffee, and work at the Duke Coffeehouse.
I really like Adventure Time
My friends have a totally primo blog.

Rush Ubuntu! It’s the best!

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