Stanley Yuan

StanleyHey! I’m Stanley, a current junior majoring in electrical computer engineering and computer science. In reality though, I *should* be majoring in trying to figure out my life. I like everything, from partying to social justice to the NBA to education policy to late night life conversations. But really, I like talking about anything. If I’m not already interested in something, after 10 minutes of conversation about it, I probably will be. Yara, another fantastic Ubu, recently converted me to a One Direction fanatic after explaining their life story to me in an hour.

I’ve been involved in a lot of things on campus (Women’s Center, the Chronicle’s Editorial Board, Common Ground, dPS, etc.) but perhaps my proudest achievement is the one time that I actually cooked my own meal in my Central apartment. (Central is great by the way – I don’t know a single person who lives on Central and doesn’t like it.)

Ubuntu has meant a lot to me as one of the communities that I care about the most at Duke, so feel free to ask me about that (or anything else)!