Stipend Requirements

Only Duke University faculty with discretionary accounts are eligible to receive a stipend. 

Up to 10 Duke faculty per year can elect to receive a $500 stipend when the following tasks are completed:

  • Prior to attending the workshop, identify a specific course that you will design or revise to include sustainability components. Revisions can include substantial course overhauls or a few focused lectures or assignments.
  • Attend the one-day Trillium Sustainability Workshop.
  • Attend two gatherings in the following Spring semester to discuss planning or implementation sustainability components in your course.
  • Create at least one post for the Trillium Blog about your experience redesigning your course.
  • Permit your modified course syllabus to be published as an example of varied methods for teaching about sustainability.
  • Participate in assessment activities of the Learning Community.
  • Serve as a convener of the following year’s workshop.

$300 of this stipend will be paid to the fellows upon completion of the course-, blog-, and assessment-related activities; $200 will be reserved for contributing to the following year’s Trillium Sustainability Workshop.