May 2010

May 2010 Workshop Schedule


Leadership for Sustainability and Curriculum

Workshop for Campus Leaders

Duke University, May 24 and 25, 2010


Monday – Day 1:  Franklin Humanities Institute: Room 240

9:15-9:30                    Coffee and tea

9:30-10:10                 Welcome; introductions; overview of workshop; definitions of                                                  sustainability

10:10-10:45                Peggy Barlett, Professor of Anthropology, Emory University.                                                    Exercise on place—beginning with the familiar; small groups—                                                creativity and experiential learning

10:45-11:00               Break

11:00-11:30                Resource person I: Associate Professor of Environmental Sciences                                          and Policy, Marie Lynn Miranda. Director, Children’s Environmental                                      Health Institute.

11:40-12:00                Learning from other campuses; identifying progress already                                                    achieved; challenges, opportunities, institutional commitments

12:00-1:45                 Lunch and outdoors activity; deepening engagement with                                                        place; Resource person II: Dan Richter, Professor of Soils and                                                Forest Ecology, “Land Transformations”

1:45-2:00                    Announcements

2:00-2:45                   Welcome by Bill Chameides, Dean, Nicholas School of the                                                         Environment; shifting paradigms: discussion of readings. Fostering                                         faculty growth; sustainability’s challenge to higher education

2:45-3:15                    Eight ways to change a course; Ponderosa/Piedmont examples

3:15-3:30                   Break

3:30-4:15                    Reflection exercise on leadership, change, and challenge

4:15-5:00                    Identifying outstanding issues, planning for Tuesday


Tuesday – Day 2:   Franklin Humanities Institute

9:15-9:30                    Coffee and tea; check-in

9:30-10:30                  Piedmont and Ponderosa Projects–How to lead the model

10:30-10:45                Break

10:45-12:15                 Interdisciplinarity, leadership, and institutional change; Learning                                            outcomes, what students need to know; workgroups; report back

12:30-2:30                 Lunch, interest groups; garden time

2:30-3:15                    Curriculum across the campus: engaging sustainability at many                                                levels (breakout sessions by institution)

3:15-3:30                    Break

3:30-4:00                    Learning outcomes, STARS, and campus strategy (whole group                                               discussion)

4:00-4:45                    Institutional planning and next steps—goals, timelines, allies, and resources

4:45-5:30                    Report back and discussion: challenges and opportunities;                                                        reflections, strategies for personal sustainability, evaluation of                                                workshop.