Duke Leading for Environmental Sustainability, June 14, 2017

Cost: no fee
Duration: 3 hours
Location: Rubenstein Library, Room 247
Hosted by: Rebecca Hoeffler, Sustainable Duke
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Would you like to become a more sustainable staff member and help reduce the environmental impact of your workplace? This three hour workshop provides the materials and skills necessary for “greening” your office. Sustainability is an expanding field and a serious commitment at Duke. Becoming a sustainability expert provides a competitive advantage in the workplace while helping the planet. Departments seeking the Duke Green Workplace Certification must have at least one staff member participate in this workshop.

We will cover:

  • sustainability efforts at Duke University
  • personal changes you can make to reduce your environmental footprint at work
  • guiding your department through the Duke Green Workplace Certification
  • starting and leading a green team
  • resources to assist you in office greening