Paperless grading

A recent article in the Chronicle of Higher Education focuses on one math faculty member’s rationale for and experience with paperless grading. This faculty uses a variety of applications to provide feedback to students, depending on the nature of the assignment and the format in which it was originally submitted, including MS Word (track changes/commenting), annotating pdfs and Jing (posting the short feedback videos to See also some comments by a different Math faculty member about her experiences with digital grading.

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I graded all my papers electronically this semester. It was a relief to get rid of all that paper! Important though to set up a folder to put all of the student papers in so as not to clutter up your desktop. I used track changes and it worked very well.

It worked well for papers that were all on different topics. But for essay exams where students are all writing on the same question, I sometimes still like to work from hard copy as it is easier to compare several papers. (sorry!)

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