A Duke campus and Durham community without racial hierarchies, where human biological and cultural variation are valued and perceived as assets essential to the progress, survival, and flourishing of the human family; polarizing race-based concepts such as “racially inferior/racially superior” and “marginalized/privileged” become obsolete; structural barriers that promote and perpetuate inequalities are dismantled and replaced with welcoming systems of equity, inclusiveness, and belonging; and the life outcomes of all are radically improved.


To eradicate deeply rooted beliefs in racial hierarchies, disrupt persistent structures and impacts of racism, and strengthen Duke’s position as a catalyst for change in collaboration with diverse partners in Durham.


Gather evidence to understand the histories, inequalities, and perspectives regarding race and racism at Duke and in Durham.

Engage the campus and community in conversations and dialogues to enhance and expand communications about race and racism.

Create key messages that will guide the development and implementation of education efforts to foster accountability and produce truthful narratives about race and racism on campus and in the community.

“TRHT’s transformational goal involves racial healing and requires the imagination. We must envision a future United States that no longer believes in the fallacy of a racial hierarchy, a nation that truly celebrates our equal and connected humanity.”

Dr. Gail Christopher

Architect, Truth, Racial Healing & Transformation Movement

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