The transfer market is an exciting part of football, especially for fans. It involves the buying and selling and players during the transfer window in hopes of building a club worthy of a championship. Fans take to social media to discuss transfers, their fees, and even rumors of potential transfers.

On this website, we will explore the transfer market in depth. What makes a good transfer? Who have been the most valuable transfers in the past? Is transfer fee largely explained by production (goals and assists), or are there outside factors such as fame, stardom, and fan appeal?

To fully explore this, start by reading an introduction to the transfer market. Then learn about the data we used to analyze the transfer market and some important trends identified in the Premier League data.

After that, learn some important background information about machine learning. Then read our analysis of feature selection to answer the question of what statistics make a valuable transfer, followed by a similar analysis using data from FIFA 20, and our model.

Next, read a case study about a rising star: João Felix.

Finally, read our results and conclusions from both our data analysis and study of the transfer market and its trends. If you are interested in this type of work, see related papers that use statistical analysis to analyze the soccer transfer market.