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TechTips: lynda.com View Offline Feature

TechTips_web_Flynda.com recently announced a new feature that allows individuals to download videos onto their computer or mobile devices (both Android and iOS) to allow you to view tutorials when you are not connected to the Internet. This ‘View Offline’ feature is available for Duke users through Duke’s lynda.com account and is especially useful for those who may have long commutes or times where you have poor or no internet connection (e.g. in the airport or traveling). Now you can really use lynda.com anywhere, anytime!

Follow the steps below or visit http://www.lynda.com/downloadfallback to learn how.

To access the View Offline feature:

  1. Download the lynda Desktop App (http://www.lynda.com/apps/desktop-app) NOTE: You will need Administrative access to your computer or device to install this app.
  2. Launch the App and log in, while still connected to the internet. NOTE: Duke Users need to sign in via Duke Shibboleth to have full access to the library.

Once you have the App installed:

  1. Locate a course you want to download in the Duke lynda.com online training library, click the View Offline button.
  2. The video will begin downloading and will be ready to watch at any time  (more…)

Check out the lynda.com Article Center

Its a great place for lynda.com news, technology tips & tricks and to be inspired! Go to: http://www.lynda.com/articles to check it out.

Duke students, faculty and staff can access of the entire lynda.com online training library anytime, anywhere – 24/7 and 365 days a year through our lyndaCampus site license. For details and to connect, go to: http://training.oit.duke.edu/lynda/

Go to training.oit.duke.edu/lynda to start learning now!
Go to training.oit.duke.edu/lynda to start learning now!

lynda.com: Tips & Tricks and New Features

This week, Karen Bruno (Technical Support Specialist – Fuqua) hosted a lunch and learn session about lynda.com over at the Fuqua School of Business.  As part of this brown bag, Taryn Wieser (Client Services Manager at lynda.com) connected to Duke remotely and shared with us these tips for using lynda.com including some new features:

1. Did you know that lynda.com adds approximately 10 new tutorials to the online training library per week.  Want to get notifications of new courses directly to your mailbox?  Go to your Duke lynda.com Acct. > News + email options and check news releases (under Subscriptions).
2. Let lynda.com know what courses interest you. Go to your Duke lynda.com Acct. > My Account > My interests and update your interests.  This will allow lynda.com to tailor the recommended courses for you.
3. Track your progress and discover new courses with the new Learning Matrix Center: http://www.lynda.com/discovery?btn=Hppod
4. Keep up to date with lynda.com through the new Article Center: http://www.lynda.com/articles/lynda-com-article-center-new-look-new-focus
5. Have a question about the course content?  Go to the FAQ Tab within the tutorial and click the “Ask a question” button. The instructor will post back to you with the answers to your questions.

Discover more tips and tricks in the how to use lynda.com tutorial.

Christine Vucinich (OIT) with Karen Bruno (Fuqua) at the lynda.com lunch and learn brown bag at Fuqua.


Go to training.oit.duke.edu/lynda to start learning now!
Go to training.oit.duke.edu/lynda to start learning now!

Get the most from Duke’s lyndaCampus license

lyndaCampus offers free access to 87,000+ video tutorials. Check out this recent DukeToday article for tips & tricks and insight into how lynda is being used at Duke:  http://today.duke.edu/2013/02/lyndatechtips?goback=.gde_4170679_member_213293041

For information on accessing lynda.com at Duke, go to: http://training.oit.duke.edu/lynda/

lyndaCampus Tip: Sharing Courses & Movies

Found a lyndaCampus course or movie you want to share or refer others to. Here’s a great tip when you’re developing documentation, preparing your syllabus or even sending an email.

To share a course:

  1. Go to  our lynda.com website http://training.oit.duke.edu/lynda/  and log in.
  2. Open the course you want to share.
  3. Locate Share this course on the left hand and click Copy Link.
  4. Copy the (with someone at Duke University) link.  (e.g. http://www.lynda.com/tutorial/105368?org=duke.edu )

When the person you shared with goes to the link, they will be prompted to log in with their Duke NetID and password and be directed immediately to this course.

To share a certain movie within a course:

  1. You must open the movie and copy the URL within the movie browser. (e.g.  http://www.lynda.com/home/Player.aspx?lpk4=109029&playChapter=False)

The person you shared with will need to go to  http://training.oit.duke.edu/lynda/  and log in first and then copy and paste in the URL to be able to see this movie.  Encourage them to bookmark the movie.

Learn more lynda.com tips & tricks
Register for the “lyndaCampus Arrives @ Duke!” webinar to be held Friday, Oct. 5, from 1 to 2:30 p.m. in 217 Perkins Library. Viewers also can watch the session online. To register, go to:  http://training.oit.duke.edu/reg/