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Upcoming JMP Academic Webcasts (Jan-Feb)

Register and mark your calendar for free webcasts that will inspire you to use JMP statistical software in new ways.  Any student, graduate student, or professor looking to enhance their analytics capabilities should consider attending.

Upcoming webcasts include:

  • Jan 11 at 11:00AM ET: Resources for Teaching and Learning JMP
  • Jan 26 at 2:00PM ET: JMP Basics for Professors and Students
  • Feb 1 at 2:00PM ET: Data Summary and Analysis
  • Feb 7th at 11:00AM ET: Teaching ANOVA and Regression with JMP
  • Feb 15th at 12:00pm ET: Engineering Statistics
  • Feb 23rd at 10:00AM ET: Teaching Design of Experiments with JMP

Register: http://www.jmp.com/en_us/events/live-webcasts/academic.html

Visit the JMP Academic Webinar Library for recorded webinars:http://www.jmp.com/en_us/academic/academic-webinars.html

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