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Take Part in COMSOL Site License Trial


Like other cutting-edge institutions, Duke is looking to acquire central licensing for COMSOL software (www.comsol.com) to improve quality of teaching, publications and research.

Due to the complex licensing options and specialized nature of this software, a central license purchase would initially require complete funding distributed between individual departments and schools for a period of at least three years, after which OIT would evaluate total usage across Duke and consider central funding (similar to MATLAB, LabVIEW, and many other software offerings on campus).  OIT would manage contracts, acquisition, and distribution of the software.

To properly estimate the total demand for COMSOL at Duke and organize funding, starting Nov. 8, Duke will activate a 90-day site license.  To participate, visit http://software.duke.edu, and search for and order COMSOL.

The license log file will be monitored to assess the actual use per Dept./PI and the number of modules needed in the initial annual agreement.

We would like to ask that anyone in the Duke community that would use COMSOL if it were made available participate in a three-month trial.  During this trial, we will be collecting usage statistics to determine the appropriate number of licenses needed for COMSOL and each module.

Go here for more information: https://software.duke.edu/node/415

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