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New Service to Safeguard Email

Links and attachments will be scanned before being delivered. 

To protect Duke account holders and the university’s network, as of June 1, 2016, OIT will enable a new email security product called Targeted Attack Protection (TAP) from the secuerity company, Proofpoint, to help protect against targeted email attacks and phishing attempts. It works two ways:

  • URL defense – scans and rewrites all email urls, and blocks malicious links.
  • Attachment defense – scans and blocks malicious attachments.

Most users will not notice any difference. However, all links will now be rewritten by Proofpoint. Once enabled, mousing over a URL will show an address beginning with: “urldefense/proofpoint…” indicating that Proofpoint has reviewed the link. It is still imperative that you continue to carefully choose what they click on.

If the link is malicious, users will see a notification in their browser like the following:


Read more about Proofpoint TAP and how it works at Duke.  Also, check out this Duke Today article.

If you believe a URL has been blocked unnecessarily (false positive) or believe a fraudulent site has not been blocked (false negative), please contact the OIT Service Desk.

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