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Duke’s Innovation Co-Lab is hiring!

The Innovation Co-Lab has 3 open student positions:

Technical Consultant
Want to join our incredible team of student programmers and take on projects that are transforming Duke? We are looking for someone to join the team and help grow the Co-Lab’s technology infrastructure. You’ll help develop internal technologies like APIs as well as make applications that put those technologies to work. You’ll also help aspiring techies and other Co-Lab students with their projects, so it’s a great opportunity to be a vital part of the student innovation environment! Apply Here.

Design & Marketing Consultant
Are you passionate about innovation and design? We need someone to help promote the Co-Lab’s incredible projects and discover new creative ways to market our resources and create a powerful online presence. The Innovation Co-Lab is at its heart a creativity incubator, focused on exploring how new and emerging technologies can fundamentally reshape Duke. Working with student entrepreneurs and innovators, we need someone to help build and craft the Co-Lab image and message in order to elevate and inspire students who are solving problems through technology. Apply Here.

Filmmaker & Storyteller
Are you interested in creating films to inspire and advance the innovation environment at Duke? to The Co-Lab wants to tell more stories of student innovation and experimentation on campus. We want someone with excellent writing skills, a knack for storytelling, who is comfortable behind a camera to join our team and help tell the bigger story of innovation at Duke. Ideal candidates will be able to take a concept for a short film and run with it, including coming up with a script / strategy for telling the story. Apply Here.

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