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TechTips: Sending files to Box via email

TechTips_web_FYou can easily send files to a specific Box folder via email when you enable the Allow uploads to this folder via email option in Box. This feature is great for collecting any type of submissions from a group of people – this includes any electronic document (even photos!)



  1. Log into your Duke Box account (http://duke.box.com).
  2. Create a new folder, then enter the folder. (NOTE: You can also enter an existing folder.)
  3. Then go to More > Upload Options > Email Files to this Folder.Screen Shot 2015-04-26 at 6.08.03 PM
  4. When the Email Options tab in the Folder Properties window, select the Allow uploads to this folder via email option. A unique email address will be generated for the folder.Screen Shot 2015-04-26 at 6.02.29 PM
  5. Click Save to apply your settings.


  • Upload via email only works for file attachments, the body of the email will not be uploaded to Box.
  • The cumulative size of the attachments cannot exceed 80 MB (or 25 MB when sending from your Duke email account).
  • The folder owner and sender will receive a notification that files were uploaded successfully.
  • Collaborators will also receive a notification if upload notifications are enabled for the folder.

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