By Anosh Sethna

The difficulties of travel planning

People will always be traveling. Whether it is for work or just to try and spend some time away from it all, humans will constantly be planning trips and visiting new places. In today’s world it is difficult for consumers to know where they should look to discover information about vacation spots because there are so many options, not to mention, an enormous number of locations to choose from (Pan, 2006). Although it seems like a simple task, deciding on a vacation destination requires a large amount of research and brainstorming that can very quickly become time consuming and confusing. In a world where time and money must be conserved, finding a way to streamline and cheapen the process of developing a vacation plan would be highly useful.

Google Earth can help

Google’s virtual globe, Google Earth, has the ability to provide users with the geospatial, organizational, and background information that they need to successfully plan their own vacations without the cost and time consumption of current vacation planning. Google Earth is a free program that can be downloaded and used by anyone with access to the internet. It uses high resolution aerial and satellite photography to provide users with a complete map of the globe. Through the addition of layers and KMLs, sets of data that can be displayed on Google Earth’s interactive three dimensional view of the Earth, users can explore specific sets of information that apply to their needs. These layers range from humanitarian efforts to webcams of vacation spots around the world. This website demonstrates the utility of Google Earth in the vacation planning world.

Screenshot of Google Earth interface; click to enlarge

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