Tips for Student Organizations

Student organizations can use Sites@Duke to create their organizations web site.  When you create your site, the URL will be

Getting Started

  • Because Sites@Duke uses Duke NetID, you can easily add other Duke people.
  • If you have a website on dukegroups, you can quickly get started by exporting it from there and importing it to Sites@Duke. To do so, go to the dashboard > Tools > Export/Import.


Administration and Transition

  • Use sub-sites to manage and share special content while keeping it linked to your main website. For example, you can:
  • create a sub-site for your fall signature event and make sure that whoever is in charge of that event has admin access. Or
  • have a private sub-site for executive members only to facilitate collaboration and share administrative updates.
  • Make sure to add your club advisor as an admin, so that they can always help the new executive members gain access to your site.

Working with Media

  • Only upload your most important files to the site (e.g., logo, constitution, special graphics).
  • If you need to store and archive a lot of files, consider using Box ( For pictures, you can use Flickr and add the pictures to your site using the SlickrFlickr or FlickrPhotostream plugins. For videos, you can setup a YouTube account for your organization.

Social Network

  • The Share Buttons by AddToAny plugin makes it easy to enable visitors to share content from your site.

Events Management

  • You can use the My Calendar plugin to manage and share your events.
  • You can also add your events to, and then build an RSS feed that you will publish on your website.
  • Alternatively, you can try to embed a Google calendar into a page.

Appearance and Design

  • You can consult DiDA for advices and help on designing your site.
  • Remember that Sites@Duke is updated throughout the year and you can submit requests for plugins that you would like to see included in the future.