Q: Why do you do this work?

A: We believe in sharing the science and skills that we use in our profession to help family members relate more effectively to their loved ones. We also really enjoy teaching and engaging individuals to learn this material. We think it’s helpful to share this information, and we find it fun to teach.

Q: How are these classes different than group therapy?

A: These classes are primarily intended to teach you science and skills to improve your relationships. While we do draw upon personal examples (both from our own lives and yours) and share these experiences to celebrate successes or problem solve challenges, we do not provide traditional therapy in these classes. The focus is on teaching the information.

Q: Why do your materials say “recommended cost?”

A: While the cost of the workshops and classes helps to pay for our time and allows us to provide more services to the public, it is important to us that these services are accessible to all. If cost is a prohibitive factor for you attending, please talk to us about sliding scale rates!

Q: Can I suggest a topic for a workshop?

A: Yes, please! Our goal is to provide science and skills that help others to understand or behave more effectively in challenging situations or relationships. We would love to consider your ideas and create content to address your needs.

Q: What do you do with the revenue from the classes?

A: The majority of the revenue is spent to pay students and trainees to help provide classes. We will also occasionally hold events in rented rooms or purchase materials for the program. We invest all the revenue back in the program so that we can continue to build more classes and services for family members. Our goal is to provide science and skills to as many people as possible, so no one profits from the program.

Q: Do you accept donations or gifts?

A: Yes, please! You can make a donation to support our ongoing programming, or you could help us to develop a new class or workshop. Please contact us if you’d like to discuss donations or new ideas.

Q: Do you provide trainings or workshops in the community?

A: We do provide lectures or trainings for organizations in the community. You can check our schedule for upcoming events to attend, or you can contact us if you would like to schedule an event for your organization.

Q Can you provide a training to a company?

A: Sure! We have primarily focused on helping teach skills to family members who love, live with, or need help relating to someone who struggles with their emotions. That said, these skills are very effective for use in occupational, academic, or social groups of all kinds. Please contact us if you would like to host a training.


Please contact melissa.l.miller@duke.edu for specific requests or any other questions that you have.