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About the Team

Through the Lens: An Artistic Collection of Pandemic Experiences is a project conceptualized by two Duke Graduate School students and actualized through the Duke Initiative for Science & Society.



Ryanne Lenderman is an MA student in the Bioethics & Science Policy program. She received her bachelor’s degree in biology from the University of Virginia. Ryanne experienced the loss of a close family member during quarantine and heavily relied on creative outlets to grieve and find hope. During this continuing period of isolation, she believes this project can allow Duke community members to feel a sense of connection through the artistic expression of personal experiences.




Sophia Silver joined the Duke community as an MA candidate in the Bioethics and Science Policy program after receiving her BA from Bryn Mawr College in history with a minor in dance. Her work with organizations that combat maternal and infant mortality has emphasized the importance of community during times of crisis. She has relied on movement and media to cope with the changes wrought by the pandemic and looks forward to turning the collected experiences of Duke students, faculty, and staff into an archive that bears witness to the strength and power of community.