Just like we promised, This Engineering Life is back, this time for Season 3!! We’re so excited to be bringing you another season of episodes for your Engineering information and enjoyment.

What’s Coming?

We have a full schedule of episodes planned for this semester. Still coming out with brand new content every two weeks, we hope you’re excited about what we have in-store! Look forward to our first new episode coming out next Wednesday.

02/03/2020 – Lessons on Learning
02/17/2020 – Taking Risks
03/03/2020 – Getting into Research
03/17/2020 – Healthy Eating: On or Off-Campus
03/31/2020 – Taking Advantage of your Summer
04/14/2020 – Senior Reflections

(**Schedule is, of course, subject to minor changes as the semester progresses)

Our New Team

After another great season with Mohsin, Sydney, and Grant, we’re making a few changes to our team! We’re excited to announce a new CoHost who will be taking Mohsin’s place, Fran Romano, as well as a new Chief Audio Engineer, Priya R. Juarez. Together, the This Engineering Life team can’t wait to bring you a whole new season of awesome content! Don’t worry, our fabulous host Dr. Simmons will still be sharing her thoughts and expertise as well! Please feel free to visit our About page to learn more about the new Host Crew for This Engineering Life 🙂


As always, This Engineering life is looking to improve! Please feel encouraged to use our Feedback form to let us know what you love, hate, and what to hear more of! We can’t wait to hear what you have to say here 🙂