Welcome to S2E06 – Engineering and the Arts. In today’s episode, we speak with a variety of Duke Engineers who have interests spanning beyond engineering and into the world of the Arts. We learn about the different motivations of each of our interviewees, as well as hear about some of their favorite artistic accomplishments. Finally, we dive into the concept of how Engineering and Art can actually exist hand-in-hand. This is our last episode of Season Two, we can’t thank you enough for joining us 🙂


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Episode Contributors

This week’s episode of This Engineering Life features a few incredible Duke students who share their experiences and advice relating to incorporating passions in both Engineering and Art!

Zhiting (May) Mei – Junior Mechanical Engineer also Studying Physics and the I&E Certificate

May is a Junior studying ME & Physics, with an I&E Cert. She became interested in the arts as a child when she grew up painting. She also started watching Anime and in addition to founding a number of Anime clubs (including Duke’s!), she was inspired to replicate the style of artwork, as well as to make some of her own animated short clips.

Fran Romano – Junior studying Mechanical Engineering and I&E Certificate

Fran Romano is Junior Benjamin N. Duke Scholar at Duke University aspiring to major in Mechanical Engineering and seeking a certificate in Innovation and Entrepreneurship. He runs the @_from_above Instagram featuring his extensive drone photography and cinematography.

Emma Steadman – Junior Studying ME, I&E Certificate, Founder of Runway of Dreams

Emma Steadman is a Duke junior studying mechanical engineering and also pursuing the innovation & entrepreneurship certificate. Emma is the co-founder and president of Runway of Dreams @ Duke. She’s passionate about advocating for apparel innovation to include mainstream adaptive clothing options and hopes to empower people with disabilities in the fashion industry.

Phoebe Dijour – Junior Biomedical Engineer, Art in Tech House Course Co-Creator

Phoebe is a Junior at Duke studying Biomedical Engineering. She herself is a Co-Creator and Teacher of Duke’s Art in Technology House Course. She shares with us the origins of her passions for art, as well as how shes been inspired to take advantage of Duke resources to create artistic and personal gifts for her friends and family.

Meghan Doyle – Junior Mechanical Engineer, Art in Tech House Course Co-Creator

Meghan is a Junior at Duke studying Mechanical Engineering. She too is a Co-Creator and Teacher of Duke’s Art in Technology House Course. She speaks with us about how for her, Art actually came before Engineering, and how she now spends time working to incorporate the two into projects like the current shelves she’s building.