Welcome to Episode 004 – SLGs and Other Commumities, where we speak with Engineers who have chosen to join a variety of social organizations that fill niches all over campus. We also interview Duke’s Director of Student Engagement, Emilie Dye, about her role and unique perspective about how students and engineers find community on campus. Again, for their personal anonymity, we will not be releasing the names of any students who were interviewed in the making of this episode.


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This weeks episode of This Engineering Life features interviews from Engineers who have chosen non-greek social scenes, as well as the thoughts of Emilie Dye, Duke’s Director of Student Engagement, Leadership:

Emilie Dye – Director of Student Engagement, Leadership

Emilie attended the University of Maryland (BA, Government & Politics), where she joined Alpha Delta Pi Sorority. She currently works at Duke as a part of the UCAE team, specifically as the Director of Student Engagement, Leadership. In this episode, Emilie speaks on her unique perspective of social organizations at Duke.

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Smart Home Interviews:
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SLG Expert Interview 1/2:
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SLG Expert Interview 2/2
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